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Monday 27th January 2020

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Distraught Daniel leaves Weatherfield

He's not coping without Sinead

Life without wife Sinead Tinker by his side is too much for Daniel Osbourne next week and he decides to leave Coronation Street - taking baby Bertie with him.

The grief following Sinead's untimely death has hit her family and friends hard, but no one more so than Daniel, who is struggling without his wife by his side.

Daniel hasn't been coping without Sinead (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street hasn't been the same since Sinead lost her gruelling battle with cancer.

And as Daniel tries to get funeral plans in place, the constant reminders at home that Sinead has gone are getting too much for the now-single dad.

After asking everyone to leave while they're planning Sinead's send off, Daniel's family are worried that it is all too much for the grieving father.

And when Evelyn Plummer is later gossiping about Bethany in the corner shop, Daniel overhears and is quick to defend his friend, leaving everyone surprised.

Everyone is talking about Daniel and Bethany kissing while Sinead was dying (Credit: ITV)

But when Beth Tinker hears that Daniel has been fighting Bethany's corner she sees red, vowing to set him straight.

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However when she tracks him down in Victoria Garden she is upset to see Bethany comforting Daniel and she accuses the pair of having an affair before Sinead is even cold.

Beth catches Bethany and Daniel together (Credit: ITV)

The pair are mortified at Beth's accusations and Bethany heads off, leaving Daniel more distraught than ever.

It's all too much for Daniel and he calls in at No.1 and announces that he's taking Bertie on holiday to Scotland as it will do them both the world of good.

Daniel hits rock bottom after Beth accuses him and Bethany of having an affair (Credit: ITV)

Adam and Peter are worried the Daniel says he is looking forward to getting away, but Daniel is adamant that it's best for everyone if he leaves.

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Daniel isn't coping and decides to head to Scotland with Bertie (Credit: ITV)

But as Daniel and Bertie head off to Scotland, Beth watches them both depart, distraught that Daniel its taking her godson away.

Will Beth ever see Bertie again?

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