Coronation Street SPOILERS: Dev makes horrifying discovery about Asha

His daughter is really struggling

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Dev Alahan is oblivious to his daughter Asha’s struggle in Coronation Street and just thinks the teen is acting out.

But behind the stroppy behaviour is a mixed up young girl, battling with her identity, and desperate to fit in.

Viewers know Asha has been using skin-lightening cream, illegal in the UK, in a bid to look more like her Bollywood heroes.

She’s devastated when she loses out on a part in the school play to someone with a lighter skin colour, and begs her dad for more pocket money.

Asha’s thrilled when Riley asks her out (Credit: ITV)

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As Dev tells her she needs to earn it in the kebab shop, he has no idea she wants the extra cash to buy more of the creams that have been making her skin bleed.

While working in the kebab shop, a boy she fancies, Riley, comes in and asks to meet her after rehearsals.

Determined to look her best for her date, Asha steals her dad’s credit card and orders more cream off the internet.

Dev has an awkward chat with his daughter (Credit: ITV)

When she texts Dev to inform him she’s going on a date, Dev and Mary decide to sit her down and talk to her about the birds and the bees.

It’s a cringeworthy moment for them all, but Asha soon heads off on her date.

Things go wrong when Riley accidentally knocks her arm and her skin starts bleeding. Asha runs off, where she’s confronted by Mary who’s worked out she stole Dev’s credit card.

Dev is fuming about the betrayal and although Asha lies she used it to order make-up, Dev grounds her.

Dev is furious Asha stole his credit card (Credit: ITV)

At the school play rehearsal the next day things get even worse for Asha when Pastel-Blue flies at her and accuses her of stealing her boyfriend, calling Asha rank and ugly.

Asha runs home, humiliated, straight into her father who has discovered her huge secret…

After learning from Mary that his little girl is having a crisis, Dev opens Asha’s parcel and is horrified to discover the skin-lightening cream.

When she returns home, he orders her to roll up her sleeves and is shocked by her red-raw skin.

Dev is stunned by what Asha’s been doing to herself (Credit: ITV)

He tries to make her see no-one looks like the Bollywood stars she aspires to be in real life and rips down the posters from her wall. But will his heavy-handed approach just make matters worse?

The answer is yes, because Asha quickly packs her things and runs away.

She confides in Amy that she’s leaving, but good friend Amy secretly texts Liz who offers Asha a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

As Liz assures Asha Dev does love her, Asha admits she hates how she looks.

Will Asha be able to confide in her dad about how she feels? (Credit: ITV)

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Can Liz help Asha and Dev work through this together?

And will Dev be able to see through his own pig-headedness to help his daughter?

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