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Wednesday 19th February 2020

Coronation Street SPOILERS: David and Shona tie the knot?

Will David get out of prison in time?

Next week sees Coronation Street's David Platt desperately trying to escape jail in time to marry fiancée Shona Ramsey.

With David currently in prison and awaiting trial for the attempted murder of Josh Tucker, his future is looking far from rosy.

David is currently in prison awaiting trial for attempted murder (Credit: ITV)

Despite having kept his head down while he was in jail for fraud, David found himself in a whole new world of trouble when a prison riot broke out and his cellmate Abe encouraged him to get revenge on rapist Josh by stabbing him with some scissors.

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However, despite David protesting his innocence, Josh found himself attacked during the riots, and has pinned the blame on David.

David's found himself in a whole world of trouble in prison (Credit: ITV)

But while David fights to prove it wasn't him who stabbed Josh, Shona is at home trying to put off cancelling their wedding in the vain hope that a miracle might happen and he will be freed in time.

But next week sees Shona upset when Gail takes it upon herself to cancel the wedding herself, despite Shona insisting that David will be free in time.

Meanwhile, Nick has decided to bury the hatchet with his brother and thinks talking to Josh is the only way to prove David's innocence.

Nick decides to visit Josh to get him to change his statement, but Billy catches him (Credit: ITV)

However, when he tells Imran that he's going to visit Josh at the hospital by pretending to be his solicitor, things don't quite go to plan when Billy spots him and asks what he's doing.

Not one to be deterred, Nick wonders if maybe Billy might be the answer to their prayers and asks him to have a word with Josh... and he agrees.

Billy visits David's attacker in a bid to try and make him tell the truth about what really happened during the riots, but Josh is adamant that he only wants to look after himself and wants to stop David testifying in court.

Shona is upset when Gail reveals she's cancelled the wedding (Credit: ITV)

At a loss over what to do next, Billy tells Paul about his day when they meet later in the cafe, and when Billy reveals that Josh raped David, Paul is shocked and vows to help.

As a tearful Shona packs away her wedding rings the following day, she is left stunned when the news arrives that new evidence means that David might be released. But who has helped David?

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Shona is beyond excited when she tells Gail that David will soon be a free man and that the wedding is back on, but Gail and Sarah can't help but worry that she is going to be left disappointed at the last minute.

Shona is given hope that David will be released when new evidence comes to light (Credit: ITV)

As the wedding guests gather at the Bistro, a nervous and flustered Shona arrives for her big day... but is heartbroken to find there's no sign of her groom.

Is David going to be freed from jail in time? Or is Shona going to be left standing at the altar?

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