Coronation Street SPOILERS: Alya learns the truth about Geoff

The walls are closing in

There is drama heading for Coronation Street next week when Alya Nazir makes a shocking discovery about Geoff Metcalfe.

Coronation Street fans have watched in horror as Geoff’s coercive behaviour towards wife Yasmeen Nazir gets more twisted and sinister as each week goes by.

Fans were sickened when Geoff killed Yasmeen’s chicken and made her eat it (Credit: ITV)

Most recently viewers were left sickened by Geoff as he killed Yasmeen’s pet chicken and made her eat it. But sadly for Yasmeen, Geoff’s abuse is only showing signs of getting worse next week.

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While Yasmeen might have been manipulated by Geoff, her granddaughter Alya has never liked him and is getting closer to the truth that something isn’t right in Yasmeen’s marriage.

Alya is shocked to discover Geoff has been writing the nasty online reviews (Credit: ITV)

Next week sees Alya work out that Geoff is the one writing nasty reviews about Speed Daal online when she notices the same spelling mistake that keeps cropping up in the reviews is also on the restaurant’s new menu.

Alya confronts Geoff about his game playing, but of course he denies all knowledge and to Alya’s horror, Yasmeen sides with Geoff over the whole matter.

But Geoff isn’t going to let this one lie, and later he points out that Alya clearly doesn’t like working with him and suggests that she sell him her share of the business.

Geoff and Alya
Geoff tries to get rid of Alya by suggesting she sell her share of the restaurant (Credit: ITV)

Alya tells Geoff exactly what she thinks of his suggestion, leaving Geoff fuming. He heads home and tells Yasmeen that Alya is out to get him and decides to contact a business advisor about where they stand.

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed Alya has noticed that there have been numerous withdrawals on the Speed Daal bank account, and is fuming to think it could have been Geoff.

But manipulative Geoff is one step ahead of her and lies to Yasmeen that he has been to see a business advisor and thinks that it is better for them to sell up and move abroad.

Geoff and Alya have never got on (Credit: ITV)

As Yasmeen struggles to get her head around moving to another country with Geoff, he uses her reluctance against her and makes out that she doesn’t have faith in their marriage if she doesnt want to leave Weatherfield with him.

While Yasmeen is upset at Geoff’s suggestion, Alya is in the Rovers voicing her concerns about Yasmeen with Ryan and Eileen.

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But Alya is floored when Eileen reveals that Geoff recently locked Yasmeen in a magic box and went out to the pub, and she soon confronts Yasmeen about what happened.

Alya is getting closer to working out the truth about Geoff, but Yasmeen keeps covering for her husband (Credit: ITV)

Of course Yasmeen covers for Geoff and lies that it was an accident. But how much longer can she continue to cover up what is really going on behind closed doors?

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