Coronation Street SPOILER: Sinead discovers she’s got months to live

Daniel and Sinead's wedding ends in devastation...

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Daniel and Sinead’s wedding day turns into a living nightmare in next week’s Coronation Street when they discover her cancer is back.

Despite Daniel and Sinead deciding to cancel their wedding recently, Sinead has secretly kept their plans in place, planning to surprise Daniel with a wedding that he will never forget.

Daniel is stunned when Sinead surprises him with a wedding (Credit: ITV)

Unfortunately for the pair, their nuptials end up being a day they’ll never forget for all the wrong reasons when Sinead discovers a lump on her neck and realises that her cancer has retuned.

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Daniel is stunned when he arrives at the Bistro, believing that he is there to meet Sinead for lunch.

The pair are thrilled to be officially getting married (Credit: ITV)

But when he sees Sinead in her wedding dress, the penny drops that they’re about to get married (officially this time!) and he couldn’t be happier.

As the pair enjoy their day, they’re a vision of happiness as they say their vows in front of friends and family.

But soon the happiest day of their lives turns into a living nightmare when Beth helps Sinead do her hair and they discover a lump on her neck.

Sinead’s world falls apart when she finds a lump on her neck (Credit: ITV)

Sinead knows immediately that her cancer is back and her world starts to fall apart. Taking Daniel to one side, she breaks the devastating news and he is heartbroken.

Despite Daniel being desperate to take Sinead straight to the hospital, she persuades him to enjoy the rest of their day as best they can.

Sinead knows immediately that her cancer is back (Credit: ITV)

But as they dance though their tears for their first dance together, they both already know they’re on borrowed time.

After going to the hospital for a scan, Daniel and Sinead try and put on a brave face and start to organise a mini moon to take their minds off what is happening.

But before they can even get anything booked the hospital has called and asked them to come back in immediately.

The pair smile through their fears as they tie the knot (Credit: ITV)

The new Mr and Mrs Osbourne are delivered the worst possible news as the doctor reveals that not only is Sinead’s cancer back, but that it has spread to her lymph nodes and she only has three or four months to live.

The pair get the devastating news that Sinead only has months to live (Credit: ITV)

The pair are in shock as they deliver the devastating news to their family, and as they head home Sinead starts to blame herself.

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Believing that had she gone ahead with her chemo when the doctors advised her to, then this wouldn’t be happening. But Daniel is quick to point out that if she had, they wouldn’t have their baby Bertie.

The pair break the news to their family (Credit: ITV)

As the pair struggle to comprehend what their future now looks like, they are utterly bereft.

Can they both find the strength to face what is to come?

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