Coronation Street SPOILER: Shona hides a huge secret from David

How long can she keep up her lies?

There’s trouble looming between Coronation Street’s David Platt and Shona Ramsey as a huge secret threatens to tear them apart next week.

Fans have watched poor Shona struggle recently with the pressures of every day life without her beloved David by her side starting to take their toll.

As she fights to keep their family together, David is in prison serving time thanks to his brother Nick after they fleeced Audrey out of her life savings earlier this year.

David and Nick stole money from Audrey, landing David in jail (Credit: ITV)

But Max has been going off the rails since David went to prison… leaving Shona at the end of her tether over how to get through to the teenager.

It seems that no matter how hard Shona tries, Max can’t help but act up, with him most recently skiving off school and trying to hide it from her.

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But next week, he is even causing trouble for Audrey when she looks after him at the salon for the day.

Shona has been struggling with teenage Max since David went to prison (Credit: ITV)

After overhearing her telling Bethany that she doesn’t know how Shona copes with the kids and that she wouldn’t blame her for packing her bags and leaving after the games Max has been playing, Max decides to plot revenge and tampers with some hair dye.

Before Audrey can realise that Max has been up to no good, she is using the dodgy dye and leaves an unsuspecting Cathy with hideous black roots.

Fuming that Max has been causing trouble, Audrey marches him back to Shona for a good talking to… but it doesn’t seem to do much good and the pair decide the best person to talk some sense into the teenager is David.

Audrey is horrified when Max causes trouble at the salon (Credit: ITV)

Shona takes Max to see David in prison, hoping that he can have a word. But when they get there David is quick to assume that Max is back on the straight and narrow and tells Shona how relieved he is that everything is going okay at home.

Not wanting to burst his bubble while he is stuck in jail, Shona keeps quiet and keeps the huge secret that Max is going off the rails to herself… but will she live to regret it?

Audrey gives Max a talking to – but her words fall on deaf ears (Credit: ITV)

It seems there’s no end to Max’s trouble making next week when Billy informs Shona that Summer called from school tell him that Max tried to sell her his ADHD medication.

Knowing that his behaviour is going off the scale, Shona dreads the conversation she is going to have to have with Max when he gets home.

However, despite her reluctance to have yet another confrontation with the school boy, Shona does the right thing and gives him a dressing down.

Shona decides David needs to know the truth about max’s behaviour (Credit: ITV)

But her words fall on deaf ears and the pair soon find themselves at the head teacher’s office, and Shona realises that this is more than just a little while lie that she is feeding David.

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Leanne tells Shona that the time has come for her to tell David the truth… but when she goes to visit him again in prison to confess she has been keeping secrets, he doesn’t take the news well and the pair end up having a huge fight.

David isn’t impressed that Shona has been keeping secrets from him (Credit: ITV)

With Max’s behaviour unlikely to improve any time soon, could this be the end for David and Shona?

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