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Friday 6th December 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Sean brutally attacked

But did a local do it?

We've not seen a lot of Sean Tully in Coronation Street of late, but he's set to make a few enemies next week when he is the victim of an assault.

But is Billy's boyfriend, Paul Foreman, behind the attack?

The week begins well as Sean gets ready to go on a date, but Paul ruins things when he sends a cheeky text from Sean's phone to the guy Sean's meeting up with.

Sean's luck in love doesn't improve next week (Credit: ITV)

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Sean's hurt when he reads the text and Billy isn't impressed with Paul's behaviour.

Things go downhill from there as Sean and Paul snipe at each other and Billy doesn't know how to resolve the tension.

When Sean later returns from his date, he tells Paul and Billy it was a disaster - and it was all Paul's fault.

As Sean reveals his date was snogging someone else by the time he arrived, Sean makes it clear he blames Paul's text for scaring the guy off.

Sean has been supported by Billy, but Paul is coming between them (Credit: ITV)

Sean comes round when Summer later suggests the guys all attend the Weatherfield Light Festival together, but this time it's Paul who's put out, sick of playing happy families with his fella's ex.

With tensions rising, the following day, Sean spots Paul with a dodgy mate in Victoria Gardens. He then sees Paul give Billy some snazzy bluetooth headphones.

When the charity box at the medical centre goes missing, Sean puts two and two together to make five - and instantly tells Moira it was Paul who took the money.

Paul is fuming when the police turn up to question him about the missing money.

It turns out Moira reported him on Sean's say-so and when Paul finds out he wants to go after Sean.

Billy lays into Sean - but did he attack him? (Credit: ITV)

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Billy stops him, but later in the pub, Paul gives Sean what for, pulled back by Tim.

A shaken Sean later goes out into the ginnel and is punched in the face, sending him crashing to the floor.

Who has attacked Sean? And why?

Was former jailbird Paul responsible? Or does he know who did it?

Could it be a random attack? Or has Sean made a very dangerous enemy?

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