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Sunday 15th December 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Sarah double crosses Nick

She's about to put her scheming brother in his place

There's trouble heading for the Platt family in next week's Coronation Street when Sarah uses Nick's own lies against him.

With Nick Tilsley and David Platt due in court next week as they face their crimes for stealing Audrey Roberts' lifesavings and using them to open a barbers, the whole family is in turmoil.

David couldn't cope with the lies any more and told his gran the truth about her missing cash (Credit: ITV)

The brothers have spent weeks battling it out, both desperately trying to make sure they're not facing a stint in jail.

But next week Gail Platt can't cope with the family bickering any longer and does a vanishing act.

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The family are stunned when they can't find her, but while everyone blames each other for the fact Gail has done a runner, their arguing is soon put on hold because David and Nick are due in court.

David and Nick are facing their crimes in court next week (Credit: ITV)

With the drama of Gail missing, Nick and David call a truce and Nick even tells his little brother that he will stand up in court and take full blame for stealing Audrey's money.

But as the pair take to the stand, David is left fuming when Nick changes his mind after a chat with Leanne, and instead he blames his actions on his brain injury and frames David for the whole crime.

David is speechless when Nick frames him for the whole thing (Credit: ITV)

It remains to be seen what the judge will decide, and who - if anyone - ends up in prison, but by the end of next week, Nick is in even more trouble with sister Sarah Platt than he has ever been before.

Sarah tells him that while he might have apologised to Audrey and got her on side again, she's not such a pushover and delivers him some shocking home truths.

Who is going to jail? (Credit: ITV)

Deciding to hit him where it hurts, Sarah then tells Nick that due to the brain injury that he claims in court made him unable to make rash decisions, she has asked Adam to draw up some paperwork that will have him removed as director of Underworld.

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Nick is incredulous that Sarah would use his own lies in court to get one over on him, and he is now facing being overruled as boss of Underworld on the grounds he is unfit for the role.

Sarah asks Adam to draw up some paperwork removing Nick as director of Underworld (Credit: ITV)

Will Sarah's plan work, or is this one sibling feud that's set to simmer for a long time?

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