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Wednesday 19th February 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Robert’s double life catches up with him?

Is Michelle about to discover the truth?

Robert Preston's double life threatens to be exposed in next week's Coronation Street when his two worlds collide. But will anyone find out his secret?

Robert might be engaged to Michelle Connor, but while she is busy planning their wedding, little does she know her fiancé is living a double life and set to become a dad for the first time later this year.

Robert is secretly having a baby with Vicky (Credit: ITV)

As Robert battles to keep his many plates spinning next week, the whole thing looks like it might come crashing down when he tries to be in two places and once and it all goes wrong.

With Michelle out of the way at a fundraiser she is helping cater for, Robert uses the opportunity to see Vicky and they plan to meet up.

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But, little does he know, Michelle is about to need him.

Robert saves the day when Michelle calls on him in a moment of panic (Credit: ITV)

At the hotel, Michelle and Alya are shocked when the host of the fundraising event tells them he has got twice the amount of people coming than he first thought and they're going to need more food.

Panicking, Michelle calls Robert and begs him to bring more food to the hotel... but he's just about to leave to meet Vicky and he's torn over what to do.

Michelle is thrilled that Robert came to her rescue, oblivious to the fact he had plans with Vicky (Credit: ITV)

With both the women in his life needing him, Robert decides to quickly drop food at the hotel before dashing to see Vicky... what could possibly go wrong?!

Michelle and Alya are thrilled when Robert arrives at the hotel with more trays of canapés, and they're pleased that their quick thinking impresses their boss, Ray.

Robert's phone doesn't stop ringing and Michelle is suspicious (Credit: ITV)

But while Robert is doing his good deed for the day, his phone keeps ringing and Michelle can't help but notice that her fiancé is a man in demand.

Robert lies that it is a supplier trying to get hold of him, when really it is Vicky demanding to know where he has got to.

By the time he gets back to Vicky, he's well and truly in the bad books. How much longer can he keep these lies up?

Is Robert in over his head? (Credit: ITV)

The next day Robert promises to be at Vicky's midwife appointment with her, but just as he is about to sneak off undetected, Michelle swans in an announces she is going wedding dress shopping and needs him to hold the fort at the Bistro.

Robert is desperate not to let Vicky down again and bribes Ryan to cover for him at the restaurant, but Ryan's soon out of his depth as a rush hits, and he's fuming that Robert has left him in the lurch.

Ryan isn't happy when Robert leaves him in the lurch (Credit: ITV)

When Robert finally gets to Vicky's he promises never to break his commitment to her or their baby, and she is appeased for now.

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But by the time he gets home, Michelle has been wondering where Robert is and he's forced to lie that he's been with a young offender.

Michelle demands to know where Robert has been (Credit: ITV)

Will Michelle buy Robert's lies this time, or have his fibs finally caught up with him?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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