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Coronation Street SPOILER: Mary violently attacked by son Jude

Jude turns nasty...

Mary Taylor’s huge fanbase should prepare for a big shock… The eccentric Coronation Street favourite is set for a horrible time in coming months as her own son violently attacks her.

In shocking scenes to air later this year, Mary will be left terrified after Jude Appleton lashes out at her when she confronts him about his pathological lying.

Jude is about to turn nasty towards his poor mum Mary (Credit: ITV)

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The storyline, published exclusively in The Sun, describes how florist Mary (Patti Clare) becomes the victim of domestic abuse as her troubled son turns nasty rather than confront his mental issues.

Jude has previously lied about being a marine biologist, and soon he lies again when he tries to claim credit for saving Roy Cropper’s life – when, in fact, it was Dr Ali Neeson.

Furthermore, an amazed Angie is bowled over all the more as Jude continues with the fibs and announces his intention to train as a paramedic, having realised his true calling!

Roy suffers an allergic reaction after being stung by a bee (Credit: ITV)

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And when an upset Mary confronts Jude about his untruths, he gets physical with her.

In quotes printed in the newspaper, an insider says: “When Jude is exposed as a pathological liar, Mary confronts him and tries to get to the bottom of why he does it.

“But when she tries to get answers, he gets physical with her and leaves her utterly terrified.

“She confides in Roy about how scared she is of him and admits her fears that he has got his father’s violent streak.”

Jude has told countless porky pies to his wife Angie (Credit: ITV)

The source added: “Roy tries to support her and says she needs to come clean about what Jude is doing for everyone’s sake.

“But it remains to be seen whether she will or how violent he’ll get to cover his tracks.”

Fans of the ITV soap know that Mary was forced to give Jude up after being brutally raped as a teenager.

Could Jude have the same violent streak as his rapist father?

And will Mary continue to defend her mixed-up son, or will she be forced to report him to the police?

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