Coronation Street SPOILER: Liz stalked!

Liz is about to get the feeling she's being watched...

Coronation Street’s Liz McDonald is about to get the niggling feeling that someone is watching her… and she’d be right to trust her instincts!

Next week sees the Liz/Jenny/Johnny love triangle take on a new twist when Jenny makes it her mission to find out if there’s anything going on between her husband and his ex fling once and for all.

Liz and Johnny had an affair after Aidan died earlier this year (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fans will remember that Johnny and Liz embarked on a forbidden affair after Aidan’s tragic death, something that Jenny only had confirmed recently after it was revealed by Hannah at Steve and Tracy’s doomed wedding.

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As Weatherfield residents gather for the quiz at the Rovers next week, Johnny is in his element as he takes the lead as quizmaster.

But while Brian’s left fuming when he is pipped to the post by Roy and his team, Jenny is more interested in what’s going on between Johnny and Liz.

Liz is surprised to find her phone isn’t working (Credit: ITV)

Seeing the pair share a friendly smile, Jenny is left suspicious that things might not be as done and dusted between the former couple as she was lead to believe.

Deciding to do some digging, Jenny manages to get her hands on Liz’s phone and scrolls through her messages looking for anything incriminating.

The new Rovers landlady is thrown when she doesn’t find anything sinister at all… but instead of the lack of evidence putting her mind at rest, it just makes her more determined than ever to dig up some dirt.

Jenny gives Liz a new phone – but she’s got a hidden agenda (Credit: ITV)

After Jenny secretly puts Liz’s phone in some water, she plays dumb when Liz later discovers her phone isn’t working… instead making herself look like the good guy by saying she’s just got herself a phone upgrade and Liz can have her old one.

But don’t be fooled by Jenny’s Good Samaritan act – she’s actually got an app on her old phone that means you can track it!

Jenny storms into the Bistro, but will she catch Johnny and Liz together? (Credit: ITV)

When Johnny reveals later in the week that he’s going for a drink in the Bistro alone, Jenny’s suspicions are aroused and she sets about tracking Liz on her phone.

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She’s fuming when the tracker shows her that Liz is also at the Bistro and she marches over there, determined to have it out with the cheating pair.

But as she bursts into the eatery, what will she find?

Is Johnny about to get rumbled, or has Jenny got totally the wrong end of the stick?

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