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Thursday 18th July 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Horror deaths as Peter's boat is set alight?

Will Simon make it out alive?

There's tragedy heading for Coronation Street next week when Peter Barlow's boat catches fire, trapping his son Simon inside.

After getting the boat from Carla Connor as a gift, it has become Peter's pride and joy as he works on it with Abi Franklin to make it sea-worthy once again.

Peter and Abi have grown closer in recent weeks (Credit: ITV)

The pair have grown closer as they've worked, and next week the pair spend the night together, leaving Abi smitten with Peter.

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But her drams of sailing off into the sunset with Mr Barlow are soon shattered when he reveals a friend has offered him a sailing job in Kefalonia and he leaves in a fortnight.

Simon is fuming when Peter reveals he's going away with Abi (Credit: ITV)

Abi hits the bottle after being snubbed by Peter, and it's only when she lashes out at Carla for helping Peter dangling by a string that Abi's true feelings become clear.

Realising that their romance could really work, Peter asks Abi to come on the trip with him, and she's thrilled.

But the news that his dad is leaving Weatherfield with Abi doesn't go down well with Simon.

Asha tells Peter that Simon is on the boat (Credit: ITV)

Realising that he should be putting his son first, Peter tells Simon that he can come on the trip with him, and that Abi means nothing. But of course, Seb has heard everything... will he tell Abi?

A furious Abi hits out at Peter for his treatment of her and heads off to get drunk again... despite Peter trying to tell her that alcohol isn't the answer to her problems.

Meanwhile, a proud Simon can't wait to go away with his dad and is showing Aadi and Asha around the boat using a hurricane lamp that he has lit.

Peter realises that Simon is in danger (Credit: ITV)

As they leave, the pair put the lamp out, leaving Simon alone on the boat. But tragedy soon follows when, in the darkness, someone knocks over the lamp and the smouldering wick from the lamp reignites.

Before anyone knows what is happening the boat is going up in flames, and a crowd is gathering around the inferno as Peter watches on, helplessly.

Weatherfield residents watch as the boat burns (Credit: ITV)

It's only when Aadi and Asha tell Peter that Simon is still on board that he realises the enormity of what is happening and races to rescue his son.

But will he get to him in time?

Will Simon make it out alive? (Credit: ITV)

Whether Simon makes it out in once piece is being kept tightly under wraps, but by the end of the week, Peter is fuming with Abi, convinced that she set fire to his boat in a drunken act of revenge.

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But while the mechanic is adamant she's innocent, Carla is clearly hiding something.

Sarah is shocked to see the CCTV has been deleted (Credit: ITV)

When the police arrive asking to check the CCTV footage from the factory, Sarah is shocked to find the last few days have been deleted... what is Carla hiding?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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