Coronation Street SPOILER: Gemma kidnaps Liz

Is Liz in danger?

The day of Jenny Connor’s court case for her hit and run has arrived, but as she faces prison for mowing Liz McDonald down on Christmas Day, Gemma Winter comes up with a plan…

Coronation Street fans will know that Liz and Jenny have been at war ever since Liz had a fling with Jenny’s husband, Johnny.

Liz and Johnny had a fling following Aidan’s suicide last summer (Credit: ITV)

But the animosity between the pair reached an all time high at Christmas when a drunk Jenny ran Liz down in her car and left her for dead.

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At the time Johnny took the blame for the accident, realising that his wife’s downward spiral was down to the fact he cheated with Liz… but it wasn’t long before the truth about who was actually driving on Christmas Day was revealed.

Jenny hit the bottle at Christmas, and ended up running Liz over with her car (Credit: ITV)

Next week will see Jenny take to the stand, with the very high possibility that she will be heading to jail for Liz’s hit and run.

But while Liz frets about what is going to happen to Jenny, it is left up to Steve to calm her nerves and remind his mum that Jenny’s fate is for the judge to decide.

Johnny returns from visiting granddaughter Susie in Brighton to find Jenny in a right state ahead of her day in court.

Jenny, Corrie Christmas (Credit: Corrie YouTube)
Johnny told Jenny he would take the blame for the accident, but the truth was soon revealed (Credit: Corrie YouTube)

With everyone worried about fragile Jenny’s state of mind, Gemma takes it upon herself to ask Imran for help.

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But while she is disheartened when he says there is nothing more than can be done, she’s given food for thought when the solicitor remarks the only thing that can stop the case going ahead is if Liz doesn’t turn up at the court.

Gemma has always been ‘team Jenny’ but what has she done with Liz? (Credit: ITV)

Desperate to help Jenny escape going to prison, Gemma comes up with an idea and goes to visit Liz. But as she blags her way in to the flat, it is clear that she is up to something. But what?

Later, Steve is worried when the police turn up at the Rovers looking for Liz because she hasn’t turned up at court.

The news of his mum’s disappearance leaves Steve on edge. But where has she gone?

With Gemma’s plan to get Jenny off the hook, it is clear she is involved somewhere… but has she kidnapped Liz and is set to let her free as soon as the court case is finished? Or has something more sinister happened?

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