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Thursday 18th July 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Gemma and Chesney over already?

It seems the honeymoon period is over already

They have only been together for five minutes, but it looks like Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown's new romance could be on the rocks already.

The nation rejoiced when Chesney and Gemma finally got together after the longest will they/won't they saga ever.

Gemma and Chesney finally got together recently (Credit: ITV)

The pair have had the hots for each other for months, and thanks to Chesney's then girlfriend Emma realising that the pair are meant to be together, they finally became a couple.

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But next week sees the reality of having a grown-up relationship hit when Gemma tries to cook a nice tea for Chesney and Joseph.

The pair come to blows over Joseph (Credit: ITV)

Her plan to make a meal for her new man and his son fall flat when she ends up burning her hand on the oven, causing her to swear in front of a young and impressionable Joseph.

Unfortunately for Gemma, it seems Joseph is like a sponge, and has remembered her naughty word that she used when she hurt herself... leading to an almighty fight with Chesney.

When Joseph refuses to go to bed later in the week, Chesney pulls out the prize parenting trump card and tells him that unless he gets up those stairs then there's no television for a week.

Chesney isn't happy when Gemma teaches his son a swear word (Credit: ITV)

But what Ches doesn't count on is Joseph firing off Gemma's swear word at him before running up to his room.

Chesney is fuming that his new girlfriend has taught his young son a rude word and berates Gemma for being a bad influence.

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Gemma is upset at being told off and, with their romantic evening ruined, she storms out of the house in a strop.

Gemma storms out, their evening ruined (Credit: ITV)

Realising that Gemma's heart was in the right place, Chesney decides he has got some making up to do and plans a romantic Valentine's surprise for Gemma.

He plans an evening that his new girlfriend won't forget, leaving her thrilled. But it soon becomes clear that Gemma will remember their first Valentine's together for all the wrong reasons after their evening goes pear-shaped once again.

Will these two ever get their romance on track, or is this a relationship doomed from the start?

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