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Friday 21st February 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Gary Windass to steal Maria Connor from Ali Neeson?

They've never been in each other's orbit

We're not sure if Coronation Street's Gary Windass and Maria Connor have ever actually spoken to each other, but a new report suggests they're about to do more than talking...

According to The Sun drug-addicted Dr Ali will lose his lover to the cobbles killer when she gets fed up of him.

The publication suggests that as Ali's addiction to presception meds spirals out of control, Maria will decide to move on.

Ali and Maria won't last, according to reports (Credit: ITV)

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A source said: "Maria's run of bad luck with men is going to continue in explosive style this autumn.

"Gary isn't exactly someone on her radar, but stranger things have happened and the pair begin to grow closer."

However, despite having had a hand in the death of at least two people, Gary isn't your normal hard-hearted villain and he soon starts to feel insecure, doubting Maria's feelings for him.

Gary isn't exactly someone on her radar, but the pair begin to grow closer.

Is Gary the man of Maria's dreams? Unlikely! (Credit: ITV)

Questioning why she would want to be with him when she could have a doctor, Gary is said to get jealous of Ali's presence on the cobbles - and he might decide to do something about it...

"It will be a struggle for him to keep his feelings in check," added the insider.

"Having killed two people already, how far will Gary go to keep Maria to himself - and should Ali be worried?"

Fans were left stunned when Ali collapsed due to his addiction earlier this month and was saved by Ryan.

The shock plot hit fans between the eyes as the doctor was revealed to have been a secret pill popper without anyone noticing.

Dr Gaddass sees through Ali's claims (Credit: ITV)

But that's exactly how the soap designed it with it revisiting Ali killing drug dealer Ronan last year.

Actor James Burrows explained: "He has been struggling and fighting these demons in his head for a while now, ever since the Ronan thing happened and he finds it difficult to talk to anyone so he starts to self medicate.

"He is very independent and private, he internalises a lot. He doesn't have a lot of people he can trust.

"The flashbacks are making him anxious and he needs to relax to try and get through every day, so he starts taking different tablets to try and cope with his demons and to be able to do his job.

"Before you know it, he realises that he has become addicted."

He added: "No one has noticed, because of his job he has been able to play that card of being tired because of his long shifts, and he has been able to get away with it up until now, but it has been going on for a while."

Ali will suffer a shock collapse as he goes through withdrawal (Credit: ITV)

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As Ali struggles to cope with his addiction, could he be about to lose his girl too?

Maria and her nephew-by-marriage got together after her pursued her. She was at first wary about the age difference, but eventually decided it was worth a shot.

However, things haven't run smoothly - their night away to a hotel was ruined as he wanted to sleep all the time due to his addiction.

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