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Sunday 15th December 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Eileen in danger as she kisses Jan?

Not another baddie?

Poor Eileen Grimshaw has not had a good track record with men during her time on Coronation Street and that doesn't look set to change as she grows even closer to builder, Jan.

The pair have been getting on famously ever since he moved in as her lodger, but viewers know Jan is dodgy and that Seb Franklin's girlfriend, Alina, is frightened of him.

It seems certain that Jan is involved in a people trafficking ring and will be a part of Corrie's planned modern day slavery storyline.

Eileen is being charmed all over again by another bad egg (Credit: ITV)

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Eileen was famously married to serial killer Pat Phelan and had no idea he'd conned half of Weatherfield, had a hand in Michael Rodwell's death, held Andy Carver captive in a basement for months before eventually killing him (only after he forced Andy to shoot Vinnie Ashford) and also killed Luke Britton.

When she did find out, and Phelan was finally killed, Eileen left the cobbles for a while to spend time in Bristol with Phelan's equally as clueless daughter, Nicola Rubenstein.

Eileen's history isn't great (Credit: ITV)

But since she's returned she's found herself charmed by Jan - who also attracted the attentions of both Moira Pollock and Mary Taylor.

It's Eileen who his sights are firmly set on though, and next week he makes his move.

As the pair share a heart to heart, Eileen opens up about her disastrous marriage to Phelan and a sympathetic Jan tells her that she will find love again.

He then leans in for a kiss and Eileen kisses him back!

Something's holding Eileen back (Credit: ITV)

She quickly pulls away, however - has she realised she's making a mistake?

The embarrassed switchboard operator reassures Jan she does like him, but that she's just not ready for a relationship.

But how long will she be able to resist? And will she ever find out the truth about her new man?

Seb seems to be the one who's getting closer to finding out what's really going on - that his girlfriend was brought into the country illegally by Jan and is working long hours for barely any money and living in squalor.

Seb gets dumped, but will he work out why? (Credit: ITV)

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As he visits her at the nail bar next week, he's stunned when she dumps him on the spot.

Determined not to give up, he goes back again, but is informed by her boss that Alina has moved on and disappeared - sounds suspicious to us.

It gets even more suspicious when Jan then tells Seb to forget about Alina. Will Seb work out the connection?

And will he be able to warn Eileen before it's too late?

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