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Friday 6th December 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: David and Nick play dirty

Are they both heading for jail?

Weatherfield's David Platt plays Nick Tilsley at his own game in next week's Coronation Street as the pair fight to keep themselves out of jail, but will playing dirty work?

The Platt family have been torn apart ever since the news was revealed that Nick was behind Audrey Robert's missing money, and that David was the one who helped him spend the cash.

David told Audrey the truth about her missing money while on a family holiday (Credit: ITV)

But with the brothers at war as they both fight to keep themselves out of prison, the pair step things up a notch next week when they both get desperate to remain free men.

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As Nick tries to talk to Audrey to see if he can build some bridges, Paula reminds him that he is breaking his bail agreement by approaching his gran.

Nick tries to build bridges with his gran next week (Credit: ITV)

But Nick's plans to get back in the good books with his family are all for nothing when he invites them to Leanne's birthday celebrations, only to find none of them turn up!

Nick is fuming and storms round to David's, only for a fight to break out between the brothers... and even when Gail begs her boys to stop arguing, her pleas fall on deaf ears.

Paula has some harsh words for Nick (Credit: ITV)

Back at the flat Nick apologises to Leanne for lashing out on her birthday and he tells her that his brain injury makes him do silly things and that he wishes he could control it.

However, as Nick comes up with a plan to stay out of jail, David is fuming that his brother is playing dirty and decides to play him at his own game.

But Shona is unimpressed with David's new tactic for avoiding at stint at Her Majesty's pleasure, and Toyah tells Imran not to believe a thing that David says.

David tells Imran he's going to fight Nick in court (Credit: ITV)

But David is adamant that his new plan will work, telling Shona that if Nick can lie in court, then so can he.

But with everyone at loggerheads, Gail decides to take on the challenge of defusing the tension between the brothers and gets the whole family together to try and iron out the drama.

David and Nick are in court next week (Credit: ITV)

But while Nick and David point out that they are in breach of their bail conditions by being in the same room as Audrey, Gail won't hear of it and tries to get control of the family meeting that is verging on spiralling out of control.

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Handing out a special ornament, Gail tells her family that only the person holding it can speak, but her plan doesn't work and, as the brothers remain at war, the ornament is soon broken as they fight.

Are the brothers about to find themselves in jail? (Credit: ITV)

As they find themselves in court, David and Nick start to realise just how much is at stake, but with things getting so messy between them, will they manage to unite and stay out of prison?

Things certainly don't look good for the pair...

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