Coronation Street SPOILER: Billy discovers Paul was sexually abused as a child

And the predator arrives in Weatherfield

Next week’s Coronation Street sees the truth about Paul Foreman’s past unearthed when ex Billy Mayhew comes to a shocking realisation.

Paul is disgusted when Bernie Winter’s pregnancy scam is revealed next week, leaving his already fractured relationship with his mother in tatters.

But when he then finds out she is back with her ex boyfriend Kel, all hell breaks loose.

Paul is fuming when he discovers Bernie’s pregnancy scam (Credit: ITV)

Paul comes up with a plan to get rid of them both, however his scheme doesn’t quite go to plan and he ends up coming face to face with Bernie and Kel in the pub.

Paul is sickened when Bernie makes a big song and dance about her and Kel being back together and it is instantly clear that Paul doesn’t get on with his mum’s man.

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And viewers won’t have to wait long to find out why there is tension between the men…

Paul is fuming when he comes face to face with Kel (Credit: ITV)

Later when Kel catches up with Paul in the Rovers’ yard, he reminds Paul that while what happened between them in the past was special, he is now committed to being in a relationship with Bernie.

As Kel makes a hasty exit from the pub and Paul is blamed for him leaving, Billy realises something doesn’t quite add up and quizzes Gemma on Paul’s feud with Kel.

Gemma reveals that Kel and Paul used to be inseparable, until one day Paul flipped and made everyone’s lives a misery, leading to Bernie and Kel splitting up.

There is a dark history between Kel and Paul (Credit: ITV)

Billy is given food for thought about Paul’s past and in the end he confronts his ex about what went on. But when Billy mentions Kel’s name, Paul furiously orders Billy to never come near him again.

Despite Billy trying to get to the bottom of what happened in the past, he is like a closed book and gets sick of his ex’s interference.

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Realising that Kel and Paul’s relationship went way beyond anything that is appropriate and that Paul was the victim of child sexual abuse, Billy decides that he needs to get advice on where to go from here.

Billy does some digging on Paul and Kel’s past (Credit: ITV)

In the end Billy goes to see David, wondering if he might be able to shed some light on how Paul is feeling given his past with Josh.

David is sympathetic but tells the vicar that until Paul admits to himself what happened with Kel, he isn’t going to confide in Billy.

While Paul remains tight-lipped on what happened, he continues to take out his anger on Bernie and Kel.

Billy tries to get Paul to open up about his past (Credit: ITV)

But will Billy be able to help his ex confront the ghosts of his past before it’s too late?

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