Coronation Street fans accuse Dev of breaking the law for letting Asha and Aadi share a bedroom

Coronation Street SPOILER: Asha’s skin-bleaching secret exposed?

Amy Barlow discovers what her friend has been doing

As Coronation Street‘s Asha Alahan continues to use illegal skin-lightening creams, it looks like she’s going to get caught out next week.

Best friend Amy Barlow is set to discover something seriously wrong with her mate and confront her over it.

New preview pictures released by the soap for episodes beginning Monday September 23 show Asha continuing to hide her secret by wearing baggy clothes.

Coronation Street Asha Corrie Credit: ITV/YouTube
Asha’s been hiding under baggy clothes (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

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First of all it’s her dad, Dev, who suspects something might be up when Asha announces she doesn’t want to audition for the school musical.

Amy’s also puzzled by Asha’s change of tune so calls round to see her friend.

She’s surprised to see Asha wearing really baggy clothes and calls her on it.

But then she sees blood seeping out of Asha’s top and realises something is horribly wrong.

Why is Asha bleeding? Will she be okay? And can Amy help her friend accept who she is?

Asha’s having a really hard time, but Dev has no idea (Credit: ITV)

Speaking about Asha’s plight recently, actress Tanisha Gorey, who plays the troubled teen, explained to Digital Spy why her character is doing something so dangerous.

“While she’s been in India she’s become fixated with lightening her skin,” she said.

“It’s very normalised over there so when she comes back she thinks, ‘Why shouldn’t I be doing this here too?’

“In India she’s seen all the Bollywood actresses she looks up to sponsoring these skin-lightening creams, she wants to be successful and pretty like them so she thinks, ‘What’s wrong with it?'”

Asha’s secret was nearly exposed by Dev before (Credit: ITV)

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Of course there is a lot wrong with it as it’s illegal in the UK and is clearly affecting her health.

But with no mother-figure to guide her, a clueless dad like Dev, and all the usual teen troubles to deal with on top of this, who can Asha turn to?

Will Amy prove to be the only one who can help?

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