Coronation Street SPOILER: Ali’s life on the line after drug drama?

His addiction is out of control

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Next week’s Coronation Street sees Ali Neeson’s life hanging in the balance after he suddenly collapses thanks to his addiction to painkillers.

Ali has been struggling to cope with things since that fateful day that he killed villain Ronan Truman, and has turned to drugs to help numb the pain.

Maria and Ali in Coronation Street
Maria isn’t impressed when her romantic break with Ali isn’t what she hoped it would be (Credit: ITV)

But next week his addiction to painkillers starts to put not only his relationship with Maria on the line, but also his life.

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When Ali reveals that he is whisking her away for a romantic night in a hotel, Maria thinks all her Christmases have come at once.

Maria and Ali in Coronation Street
Maria takes Ali some lunch, thinking he is overworked (Credit: ITV)

But instead of coming back to the cobbles more loved up than ever, Maria is frustrated after Ali spent the whole time sleeping!

Unaware that her boyfriend is struggling with an addiction, Maria thinks Ali is working too hard and heads to the hospital with his lunch the next day.

But once there, Ali has more important things to worry about as his dealer is marched away by the police.

Maria and Ali in Coronation Street
Ali panics when his dealer is arrested (Credit: ITV)

Panicking about where he is going to get his next fix from, Ali goes to see Dr Gaddas while also desperately trying to hide his withdrawal symptoms.

But the doctor can see straight through his cover up and orders him to get some help for his addiction.

Ali heads home empty handed and starts to sweat and shake… and before he knows what is happening is is out cold on the floor.

Ali in Coronation Street
Ali begs the doctor to prescribe more painkillers, but she sees he needs help (Credit: ITV)

Ryan gets home and is shocked to see Ali convulsing and immediately calls an ambulance. But when Ali comes round he is horrified to see the paramedics and tries to cover up the real reason for his collapse.

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As he sends the paramedics away, he admits to Ryan that he hasn’t been coping and needs help.

Ryan heads off to find Robert, filling him in on what has happened on the way home. Once back, the pair promise to help Ali and tell him he needs to go cold turkey.

Ali in Coronation Street
Ali goes home empty handed and soon collapses on the floor (Credit: ITV)

But will they both be strong enough to get the doctor though the battle of his life?

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