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Sunday 15th December 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Aggie unearths a shocking family secret

What have her boys been hiding?

Next week's Coronation Street sees Aggie Bailey discover the men in her life have been hiding a huge secret from her... but will she be able to forgive them once the truth is out?

They might have only been living on Coronation Street for a few months, but that hasn't stopped the Bailey family making both friends and enemies in their new neighbourhood.

There's trouble looming for the Bailey family next week (Credit: ITV)

The family had a noise war with neighbour Claudia Colby as they renovated their house, but they have soon settled into the Weatherfield way of life without too much drama so far.

But all that is about to change next week when Aggie discovers her husband and two sons have been keeping a big secret about their family finances.

Aggie is surprised when she goes to pay for something in the corner shop and finds that her card has been declined.

Ed finds himself in trouble with his wife next week when lies are exposed (Credit: ITV)

Fearing that Ed has been up to his old tricks, she goes home to confront her husband but he just assures her that it is nothing but a simple cash flow problem.

But while he brushes off Aggie's concerns about their money, it is clear that Ed is secretly worried.

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Later Ed admits to Michael that he is having a few financial issues and that he needs to borrow £5k to sort it, and thankfully for Ed, James is persuaded to lend his dad the cash.

But while the money is being transferred to Ed's account, Aggie makes a surprise discovery when she finds a positive pregnancy test at the house.

Michael has been keeping secrets for his dad... (Credit: ITV)

Suspicious that someone might be in the family way, Aggie demands some answers. She's shocked when Michael admits he is going into business with Bernie selling positive pregnancy tests online, and Aggie is fuming.

Fed up of his ridiculous get rich quick schemes, Aggie sees red and throws her son out of the house.

But it seems she might have got the wrong end of the stick, when later Michael and Ed have a heart-to-heart.

Aggie offers her services at the cafe working with Roy (Credit: ITV)

Michael is shocked to find Ed sitting in front of a gambling website, with James' money sitting in his account just waiting to be bet away.

But instead of spending his son's hard-earned cash, Ed breaks down and tells Michael that he's sorry and thinks it is time for them to come clean to Aggie that he is the one responsible for them losing everything in the past, and not Michael.

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But the news isn't going to go down with the Bailey matriarch when the truth comes out that everyone has been keeping secrets from her.

Will she be able to forgive Ed for his lies?

Roy agrees to give Aggie a trial, will she pass the test? (Credit: ITV)

Later Aggie takes control of the family finances by landing herself a job in the cafe with Roy.

After spotting Roy is run off his feet, she offers her services and he agrees to give her a trial. Could this be the start of a brilliant new double act?

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