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Coronation Street responds to reports that staff get paid less than Emmerdale

The soaps are reportedly at war

Coronation Street has been forced to address reports that the cast of the Weatherfield soap get paid less than those who work at rival ITV soap Emmerdale.

News broke today (October 31), that the crew of Corrie were “in revolt” after finding out that Emmerdale staff earnt £10,000 more than them.

Emmerdale just spent big bucks on a huge week of stunts (Credit: ITV)

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To add salt to the wound, the report said the Emmerdale crew work less hours.

According to The Sun, the production team on Coronation Street have recently discovered their counterparts over in the Yorkshire Dales are getting higher wages.

The crew on Corrie are fuming as they’ve learned that the Emmerdale crew are on better deals.

In fact, the report stated that feelings behind the scenes had become so bad that the crew are talking of joining the trade union Unite to fight back.

Gary Windass autumn
Corrie crew are said to be very upset about the wage discrepancy (Credit: ITV)

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A soap source told the newspaper: “The crew on Corrie are fuming as they’ve learned that the Emmerdale crew are on better deals, getting paid more for less hours, and are getting loads of overtime.

“In some instances, there’s as much as £10,000 between people doing the same job on different crews.

“There’s talk they might be getting pay rises in January but the crew say it’s still too little, too late.”

The insider continued: “Plus it doesn’t bring them in line with Emmerdale. A rep from Unite is meant to be coming up in the next few weeks to chat to them about their options.”

However, when approached by ED! for a comment, a spokesperson for Coronation Street insisted: “There is parity across both ITV soaps.”

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one soap fan responded to the reports by saying: “To be honest, it’s unfair. They are more than likely working the same hours.

“Ten thousand more sounds quite a lot more, even if they were producing more episodes a week which they aren’t.”

Corrie was hit by rumours of an internal crisis earlier this year, as a gaggle of stars all announced they were leaving at similar times.

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