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Saturday 16th February 2019

Corrie SPOILER: New villain strikes again, making Brian’s life a misery

Workplace bully Phil Gillespie is well and truly cementing himself as Coronation Street's new villain.

In uncomfortable upcoming scenes due to air next week, Brian Packham's life is made such a misery that he even considers quitting his career.

Phil continues to twist the knife in (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that deputy head Phil has been piling pressure on Brian ever since he returned to Bessie Street School.

And things get increasingly worse when vindictive Phil puts Brian in charge of the school's Christmas production.

The tyrant even dares to threaten his employee, saying he could face redundancy if it doesn't go well.

Brian is left popping pills because of the stress of it all (Credit: ITV)

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We think HR might have something to say about that!

On Monday (26 November), Cathy becomes increasingly concerned when a panicked Brian stays up all night working on the play which then causes him to miss a staff meeting.

When Phil orders him to work late to make up for it, he even has the audacity to question whether Brian has what it takes to be a teacher after all.

But the former head has teaching in his bones!

You can stick your lanyard where the sun don't shine! (Credit: ITV)

This is all bad enough, but the vile deputy also messes with Brian's head by giving him contradictory instructions and creating a false sense of urgency with his deadlines.

As Phil gets more and more spiteful and demanding, partner Cathy is outraged over his treatment - but Brian just can't seem to stand up for himself.

However, after pulling all-nighters and working ridiculous hours, poor Brian is left relying on pills to prop him up.

How much more can he take? And who will bring Phil down? Form an orderly queue everyone!

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