Coronation Street’s Jade to blackmail Fiz to get access to Hope

Jade's twisted scheme will get even worse

Jade Rowan is going to blackmail Fiz into giving her access to Hope in Coronation Street.

Actress Lottie Henshall has revealed how twisted Jade will discover Hope has run away from home after confessing to lying about the abuse.

Fiz will attack Jade with a bread board after fearing the worst (Credit: ITV)

Realising her half-sister is being harmed by her lies and that she’s more like evil dad John Stape than she realised, Jade decides to try and track Hope down and instead of kidnapping her – takes her home.

Lottie said: “Jade is horrified that Hope has run away. That is the last thing she expected to happen. She had no idea, but no-one believes her and thinks she knows where Hope is.

“She is terrified that her attempt to rescue Hope may have resulted in her coming to harm. That is one of the first times we see Jade realise what her actions have led to.

She knocks Jade out but doesn’t realise how badly she has injured her (Credit: ITV)

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“John’s grave is the one place that she can think of to look, and she is so relieved when she finds Hope there. It was emotional to film. Jade felt she had almost lost her for good.

“You would think Jade would run away with Hope, but she does just the opposite and takes her home to the Street. The care and love for Hope is real and she knows she had put her in danger.

“She does what is the best thing to do. As much as she doesn’t want to take Hope back, she knows that her plan is not working and the police are now involved, so it is out of control. She is out of her depth.”

Fiz gets bad news (Credit: ITV)

However, she’s desperate to stay in Hope’s life but her new honest plan is thrown out when Fiz sees Jade standing in her kitchen and assuming the worst – hits her with a bread board.

Lottie added: “Afterwards, Jade just knows that she has to get out of there. When Fiz and Tyrone come back into the kitchen, there is no sign of her.

“She hadn’t realised how badly injured she was and she collapses in the ginnel.

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“Jade’s thought process from being hit, to a couple of days later when she recovers, is that she has something now on Fiz and she can blackmail her to try and let her see Hope.”

She will try to force Fiz into letting her continue to see Hope in exchange for not having her sent to prison for assaulting her, but will Fiz give in?

Or will she find a way of getting rid of her once and for all?

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