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Saturday 22nd February 2020

Coronation Street's Gary Windass won't be exposed for causing the factory collapse

Gary is responsible for Rana's death but that doesn't mean he's going to face justice

Fans of Coronation Street expecting Gary Windass to face justice for causing Rana Habeeb's death are in for disappointment.

Actor Mikey North has revealed Gary won't be caught for causing the factory collapse for a very long time - and he's going to get even darker as he tries to avoid prison.

Gary will not face justice for Rana's death (Credit: ITV)

He said: "Gary suddenly has a lot more to contend with, he's fighting for his survival and that's what makes Gary so dangerous.

"Everything he's done was for Sarah, so when she turns her back on him, he's got nothing more to lose and that makes him much more dangerous.

"Gary is in deep and he's effectively fighting for his life."

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Mikey defended Gary and insisted he's not fully evil - yet anyway.

Gary is in deep and he's effectively fighting for his life.

He said: "Gary's not evil, he's done a very bad thing and he'll have to live with that for the rest of his life, but is he prepared to go to jail for it?

"Maybe not, and now he's got Rick on his back as well, we'll see Gary come out fighting and I love playing that edge to him.

Rana was killed when the factory roof collapsed in on her (Credit: ITV)

"Gary can make very rash decisions and then is forced down a path of no return."

But with Gary's new darker path drawing him back into evil loan shark Rick's orbit, Mikey defended Gary's actions and insisted he didn't really want to hurt anyone.

He said: "He was desperate for work. He and Sarah were sleeping on air beds at the Platts' and Gary couldn't get any work – then there was Carla sitting on the fact that the factory roof needed fixing.

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"It wasn't going to fall down any time soon, but Gary thought if he could speed up that process, he'd force her hand into getting the work done sooner.

"He damaged the roof a bit more, intending to hurry things along, but it still wouldn't have come down if Gina and Sally hadn't been up on it protesting.

Gary was tortured by Rick - and he's not free of him yet (Credit: ITV)

"He didn't expect anyone to be in the building at the weekend when he tampered with it and he certainly never intended for anyone to get hurt.

"He was just desperate to get some work, but like always with Gary, he does something in the heat of the moment then is left paying the price."

Although we all know soap villains eventaully have to pay the price for their actions, Mikey added:

"I don't think Gary has any intention of being caught for a long time yet and he won't go down without a fight that's for sure."

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