Coronation Street fans want Todd Grimshaw back

They're demanding his story is wrapped up

Fans of Coronation Street are desperate for the return of Todd Grimshaw, Eileen Grimshaw’s younger son, who departed the cobbles in something of a hurry in 2017.

Todd’s sudden departure came about when actor Bruno Langley admitted two counts of sexual assault.

He was sentenced to a 12 month community order by the court. He was also told to sign the sex offender’s register, pay compensation to his victims, given 40 days of rehabilitation activity as part of the order, and was made the subject of a 12-week electronically monitored curfew.

Bruno had his Corrie contract terminated (Credit: FameFlynet)

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His departure storyline saw him run away with Summer Spellman, the girl he and then partner Billy Mayhew were hoping to adopt.

Todd was worried their chances of getting custody of her would be ruined as the secret that Billy caused the death of Susan Barlow was about to come out, so he took Summer and fled.

When he made contact and arranged to meet up with Billy and Eileen, Summer was on her own and she revealed Todd had assaulted a police officer and gone on the run. That was the last we heard of him.

Billy and Todd were adopting Summer (Credit: ITV)

At the time, fans pleaded with Corrie to give Bruno another chance and reinstate him.

And now one soap fan has suggested a recast could be the right way to go – but most other viewers have disagreed.

Writing on a Digital Spy forum, the user posed the question as to whether former Emmerdale star Adam Thomas could take over the role, given his real-life brother Ryan Thomas played Todd’s on-screen brother, Jason Grimshaw.

While the answer was a resounding “no” to that particular suggestion, it prompted other users to say it was time Bruno came back.

“Just bring Bruno back,” said one.

Todd was popular with fans (Credit: ITV)

A second responded: “I agree this would be my preferred outcome but I doubt ITV will. They seem happy to just leave Todd in permanent limbo.”

Another added: “Todd was such a complex character, I loved him and I wish there was a way back for Bruno.”

“He should not be recast, they should bring Bruno Langley back as Todd. He made a mistake and paid for it,” commented a fourth person.

A further user said: “While I don’t condone what he did, it was disgusting but he has been to court and punished. Actors in the past have done equally awful and stupid things and have come back into the acting world.”

“I might start watching again if they brought Todd back…but it would have to be Bruno Langley without a doubt,” said a sixth person.

Someone else wasn’t keen on Bruno returning, though: “Bring back someone who pleaded guilty to sexual assault? No thanks.”

Fans miss the character (Credit: ITV)

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There were others who acknowledged there was no way back for Bruno himself, but felt the soap owed it to the character – and fans of the character to wrap things up properly.

“Although it pains me to say it I think Todd is history now,” said one.

“If, as I suspect, they have no intention of ever bringing him back then they should wrap up his story for good, it is daft that he has been missing for 18 months and Eileen apparently doesn’t give a flying fig.”

Another agreed: “His story needs some closure. I don’t know what the long term plan is, I honestly thought Eileen was going to hear he’d been found dead somewhere by now. But yet the months go past, she cares less and less …”

“I wish there was a way back for Bruno but given what happened, there absolutely isn’t,” added a third.  “And with that in mind, they need to write in some sort of reference to Todd getting in touch from wherever he has started his new life.”

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