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Coronation Street fans STOP watching ITV soap because Sinead’s cancer plot is too sad

It's a devastating storyline

Sinead Tinker has just a matter of days left to live, and Coronation Street viewers can’t cope with the sadness of it all.

So much so, that some soap fans have even switched off until AFTER she has died.

Sinead and Daniel have been coming to terms with her devastating diagnosis (Credit: ITV)

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Last month, the Underworld worker was told that the cancer she thought she was clear of had returned and spread to her lymph nodes and liver.

Her oncologist told her the horrifying news that the condition was terminal and she had just months to live.

However, this week, she was told her life expectancy was even shorter and she had just weeks rather than months.

Ken gave a heartbreaking monologue after finding out about Sinead’s cancer diagnosis (Credit: ITV)

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Bertie’s grandad Ken heard the news on his 80th birthday and delivered a heartbreaking monologue that left fans in bits – and some have been forced to switch off.

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one fan said: “I’m going to give Corrie a miss until Sinead has popped her clogs, there is enough misery these days without watching it for entertainment.”

Over on Twitter, one wrote: “I’ve watched Corrie ever since I can remember but, since Sinead got her terminal diagnosis, I’ve had to turn it off and haven’t watched since.”

They continued: “It’s far too heartbreaking to think about having to leave your children behind. My heart breaks for anyone who has been through this.”

A third added: “Had to turn Corrie off last night as I couldn’t hold back the tears… […] I wanna hold both my babies so tight right now. Poor baby Bertie, Sinead and Daniel.”

“Literally just had to turn Corrie off,” said another. “I tried to catch up after being on holiday and the Sinead cancer storyline is all too familiar and distressing to watch, bloody bawling my eyes out.”

Yet another fan said: “I love Corrie. It’s the only soap I have remained loyal to for over 40 years. Not happy with current storylines though. Too sad. #sinead #drugaddiction #depression #cancer #gamblingaddiction.”

Next week, the severity of Sinead’s illness hits her as she’s forced to use a wheelchair to get to a family picnic.

Daniel, Sinead, Beth, Kirk and Craig enjoy the picnic in Victoria Garden but, as Sinead tries to join in on a game of charades, it is evident she’s too poorly and has to leave.

Daniel and Sinead head home and settle down in front of the telly, aware these moments will soon be a thing of the past.

Kirk later gathers the family together to organise an early Christmas that she can be part of.

Daniel, Sinead, Beth, Kirk and Craig enjoy the picnic in Victoria Garden (Credit: ITV)

Sinead was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year when she was pregnant with her son Bertie.

However, she put off having treatment so she could save her baby.

After prematurely giving birth to Bertie, she started chemotherapy straight away.

Earlier this year she was told that her tumour had shrunk and the cancer showed no signs of spreading.

Sinead began chemotherapy shortly after giving birth to Bertie (Credit: ITV)

But a couple of weeks ago, as she prepared to get married to Daniel, she discovered a lump on her neck.

It was later confirmed her cancer had spread and she had months left to live.

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