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Monday 14th October 2019

Coronation Street fans predict shocking way Bethany Platt will leave soap

And it's something to do with double murderer Gary Windass...

Fans of Coronation Street believe they know how Bethany Platt will leave Weatherfield - and supervillain Gary Windass will be pulling the strings.

In horrifying scenes on Wednesday (June 19), viewers learnt that killer Gary had murdered loan shark Rick Neelan and buried him in a shallow grave.

That spade will come in useful Rick - when Gary buries you! (Credit: ITV)

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On a hateful rampage, Gary terminated Rick 'in self defence' during a brutal battle to the death in the woods, before heading home where he took out his frustrations on ex-girlfriend Sarah Platt.

After pushing Sarah against a wall in a rage about their now ended relationship, Gary stormed off to bury Rick's body.

But instead of walking, getting a bus or an Uber like a normal person, the double murderer 'borrowed' Bethany's car.

Gary turned violent with Sarah (Credit: ITV)

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Even worse, viewers noticed that he LEFT her car at the scene of the crime, and returned in Rick's vehicle in a bid to destroy evidence and back up his story that Rick was on holiday instead of eating worms.

Now fans fear Gary plans to incriminate Bethany in the crime and set her up as the murderer.

Gary will pin the blame on Bethany for the murder as DNA will be all over her car. That will facilitate her exit.

We know Bethany will be leaving the soap in the coming months, after actress Lucy Fallon announced she was leaving the ITV soap earlier this year.

Will she go to jail for a crime she didn't commit?

One fan said: "Let me guess, Gary will pin the blame on Bethany for the murder as DNA will be all over her car. That will facilitate her exit. And Gary knows about Sarah's part in Callum's death. He won't keep quiet."

Another said: "Gary's used Bethany's car... That's not going to work in Bethany's favour."

A third cried: "Hang on Gary, isn't that Bethany's car???"

On Digital Spy Forums, one fan predicted: "Gary is leaving Rick's DNA in Bethany's car. Could be the reason Bethany has to leave maybe."

Gary used Bethany's Fiat 500 to return to the scene where he killed Rick (Credit: ITV)

"Will this be Bethany's exit storyline?" asked another. "She gets the blame for Rick's murder? No doubt her car is now riddled with DNA evidence.

"There has to be a reason Windass stropped off in her car and they had her exchange with Rick in the street and her take a photo of him, which will now no doubt be found on her phone."

Corrie has not yet confirmed Bethany's exit plot.

Lucy, 23, was cast as Sarah Platt's teenage daughter four years ago and was plunged into some hard-hitting storylines.

As a rebellious teen, Bethany was expelled from school before becoming embroiled with a violent drug dealer.

Bethany was groomed by evil Nathan (Credit: ITV)

She was then groomed and sexually abused by a gang of older men.

Her contract ends in 2020, and she is keen to "pursue other projects".

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