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Tuesday 28th January 2020

Coronation Street fans excited as Carla Connor's return story is revealed

She will be returning next week!

Fans of ITV's Coronation Street are excited as favourite character Carla Connor will be returning soon.

The last time viewers saw Carla, the factory owner was very fragile after suffering a breakdown from her psychosis.

Carla's mental health began deteriorating after the Underworld Factory roof collapsed, killing her sister Kate's fiancée, Rana, on their wedding day.

Carla has psychosis (Credit: ITV)

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Carla believed she was to blame for Rana's death and after she received text messages from Rana's social media account - which turned out to be Alya Nazir - Carla believed she was being watched and people were out to get her.

Alya sent messages to Carla through Rana's account shortly after she died (Credit: ITV)

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Although Carla was given medication, she wasn't actually taking it and began having hallucinations.

Believing she was seeing her old friend Hayley, who passed away in 2014, Carla followed her up onto the fire escape where it was revealed she was having a vision of Rana.

After her partner Peter managed to get her through, Carla was returned to hospital. She was soon found a placement in a specialist care unit in Carlisle.

Carla hallucinated and saw Rana (Credit: ITV)

Peter and his son Simon decided to go with her.

During Carla's breakdown Gary Windass, who was about to be murdered by Rick Neelan, left a voicemail to his ex-girlfriend Sarah explaining he damaged the factory roof to get work, exposing himself as the factory roof saboteur.

However, Gary managed to erase the voicemail before anyone could hear it.

Great seeing the return of Carla

In preview pictures released by Corrie, we'll see Carla will arrive back on the cobbles on Wednesday July 3 with Peter by her side.

He worries about her being back on the Street and whether she will be okay.

Meanwhile, Sarah worries Carla will want to take over the factory again. What does Carla have in mind for her future?

Fans are thrilled to see Carla's back and couldn't help tweeting their excitement.

Coronation Street is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

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