Coronation Street fans divided over Sinead Tinker’s death storyline

Heartless or just honest?

Coronation Street’s Sinead Tinker is about to get the devastating news that she has terminal cancer.

As she and husband Daniel Osbourne struggle to come to terms with the heartbreaking diagnosis, fans will be left in tears as the family is blown apart by Sinead’s tragic death.

But not all fans…

Sinead decides to try one more round of chemo (Credit: ITV)

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In fact, some viewers have admitted that they “couldn’t care less” that the character is about to die.


Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one brutally honest soap fan said: “Sorry, but I won’t shed any tears.

“I know the Sinead storyline is sad for a young mother to die, however I do not like the character due to her childlike-voice and she and Daniel are not remotely engaging.

“I find them dull and tedious. Sorry, but she’s no loss to the show. Also really not looking forward to Auntie Beth’s shrieking and wailing.”

Sinead and her auntie Beth on her wedding day (Credit: ITV)

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Another agreed, writing: “To be honest, I won’t be buying any tissues any time soon either. I have never liked the character and she won’t be missed by me in the slightest.”

A third added: “I’m a member of the couldn’t care less that Sinead is dying club and not least because I feel like we’ve known since it was first diagnosed that she was going to succumb.

“That and her not being particularly interesting or remotely suiting Daniel just makes me want her to hurry up and get on with it.”

Sinead and Daniel hear the devastating news that she is dying (Credit: ITV)

“Hopefully when Sinead snuffs it, Daniel will leave too as I can’t stand either of them,” admitted another, while one more said: “Shaking free her mortal coil is the only noteworthy thing she will ever do.”

One more even compared Sinead’s storyline to a previous plot, saying: “Agree fully. She can’t die soon enough as far I’m concerned.

“Even if I did like her, it feels too soon since the very similar Hayley cancer storyline as well. Who on earth wants five months of this?”

Sinead fought cervical cancer and thought she’d won (Credit: ITV)

However, there will be some viewers who’ll be stocking up on tissues, with one saying: “I must be in the minority because I like Daniel and Sinead and I think the story of a young mother leaving a husband and young son will be quite sad.

“I also think Daniel and Sinead are both played by decent actors so the storyline should be well acted.”

Another said: “I like Daniel and Sinead too, and I’ll probably shed a tear when she dies.”

Many others said the character had to die as she’d delayed treatment in a bid to protect her baby son Bertie from the chemo radiation.

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