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Saturday 16th February 2019

Coronation Street viewers disgusted by Rana Nazir’s mum

It was a heartbreaking episode for fans

Coronation Street fans were disgusted at last night’s episode when Rana Nazir’s mum forced her to say horrible things about herself.

The nurse was desperate to get a chance to say goodbye to her dying father Hassan.

Saira forced her daughter to repeat vile things about herself (Credit: ITV)

But with her mother Saira not allowing her to see him, she was forced to pretend she had split up with girlfriend Kate Connor.

Rana was forced to repeat horrible things about herself by her disbelieving mother before she would let her into the room.

She said: "It was shameful.

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"It was against nature. I feel sick.

“I know, I want to say sorry to dad, please. Can I?"

And when Rana did finally get into the room, Hassan was not long for the world.

He briefly opened his eyes and squeezed Rana’s hand while Saira told him she had come back to them.

Unfortunately he then suffered a heart attack and died, leaving the family devastated.

Later in the episode, Rana was utterly bereft at the loss, and devastated that she had had to lie to her parents in order to say goodbye to her dad.

Rana was utterly broken by her mother (Credit: ITV)

Fans flocked to social media with their disgust for what Saira had forced her daughter to do.

One said: "Rana's mum is so disgusting. Homosexuality is not shameful and it is not against nature. I've never been so angry watching #Corrie"

Another added: "I HATE Rana’s mum!!!!! All Rana did was fall in love."

However others were full of praise for Bhavna Limbachia’s emotional performance in the episodes.

One tweeted: "You are an absolute phenomenal actress Bhavna, you deserve so much praise for all of the awareness that you are showing in Corrie."

Another added: "OMGOSH this scene, Let me just say @BhavnaLimbachia your acting is just incredible.

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"This scene has broken me, poor Rana denying her true self so she can see her dad. Absolutely heartbreaking"

A third said: "Bhavna's acting tonight is off the charts omg im sobbing #corrie"

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