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Saturday 18th January 2020

Coronation Street fans demand 'vile' Geoff is found out after he tells poor Yasmeen more lies

She thinks he might have cancer... He doesn't!

Coronation Street fans are baying for the blood of Geoff Metcalfe, after his latest mind games left Yasmeen Nazir believing he's seriously ill.

Of course, there's nothing actually wrong with him, apart from being manipulative, cruel and "vile" according to viewers.

Geoff made himself to be the victim in order to regain control over Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

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On Wednesday night (August 28), Geoff attempted - and succeeded - to regain control over poor Yasmeen when he brainwashed her into thinking he might have cancer.

The uncomfortable scenes, part of the soap's coercive control storyline, are leading up to next week when he implies that he has terminal cancer and little time left to live.

Viewers watched in horror as Geoff gave Yasmeen a list of fake 'symptoms', leading Yasmeen to worry about his health and feel compelled to offer to care for him.

Geoff spied on Yasmeen in earlier uncomfortable scenes (Credit: ITV)

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Ultimately, Yasmeen will ask Geoff to move back in with her - exactly what Geoff wants.

Viewers previously saw Geoff secretly spying on Yasmeen via a hidden camera that he left running in her home.

Geoff is so vile, I can't wait for him to get caught out.

If he's living with her, he won't need it!

Fans, who hate the conniving character, have turned to Twitter begging scriptwriters to expose him.

One wrote: "Poor old Yasmeen. She's been taken for a mug by this evil twisted old git.

"I hope he gets his comeuppance sooner rather than later. She just doesn't have a clue what he's doing to her. She wouldn't hurt a fly. He's rotten to the core."

Another added: "Time to let Geoff go Yasmeen. Let him be Tim's problem. Get your life back. Be free of his lies, contempt and betrayals. He's dangerous. Must cut the ties! He should be committed or arrested. He's turned evil."

A third said: "Geoff is horrendous! Can't wait for his comeuppance. Even though it'll drive me mad until then."

Geoff's behaviour has become increasingly worrying (Credit: ITV)

"Geoff is so vile, I can't wait for him to get caught out," seethed one more. "He's like a virus that won't go away."

In June, Coronation Street confirmed a coercive control abuse storyline for Yasmeen and Geoff.

Teresa Parker of Women's Aid praised the ITV soap for tackling the story and said she hoped it would change the public's view on this kind of abuse.

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