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Friday 21st February 2020

Coronation Street fans demand Eileen gets a happy ending after her 'cursed' storylines

Surely she deserves some good news?!

Eileen Grimshaw has been to hell and back these past few years, and her ordeal is far from over.

With a dramatic week coming up, in which Eileen decides to leave the Street with Jan, some viewers have begged the soap to give Eileen a happy ending.

Eileen and her two sons Jason and Todd (Credit: ITV)

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The Coronation Street favourite could surely get into the Guinness World Records for her appalling taste in men, including the father of her son Jason...

Eileen caught Tony Stewart in bed with another woman when she was pregnant. And it's pretty much got worse from there!

Dennis Stringer broke her heart when he left her for Janice Battersby - a blow, indeed! - and Irish Pat Stanaway turned out to be dating SIX other women at the same time he was seeing Eileen. 

Oh Eileen! Can't you smell a wrong'un? (Credit: ITV)

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But they all pale into comparison with her husband Pat Phelan, serial killer, psychopath and all-round wrong'un.

More recently, Eileen fell for polish builder Jan Lozinski, and had a glimpse at a happy ending.

Corrie, please give Eileen her happy ending.

However, Jan was revealed to be working for the police to expose human trafficking and was told never to return to Weatherfield for his own protection.

Eileen fell for Jan's roguish charms (Credit: ITV)

Jan ignored those orders, returning to the Street this week to declare his love for Eileen - but things go horribly wrong for the pair soon in a dramatic twist.

ARGH! Will Eileen ever catch a break?

Fans of the ITV soap have demanded that Eileen get a pot of gold at the end of her rather grubby rainbow, and have accused the character of being "cursed".

One said: "She really needs to meet a nicer man."

Another said: "Oh Eileen, I hope that guy comes back for her, she needs a little happiness. Know it's a soap, but can't help hoping for a happy ending."

A third implored: "Corrie, please give Eileen her happy ending."

"Jan and Eileen have my heart," gushed one more. "I've never been so invested in a relationship bar Carter obviously."

Another begged: "Oh please put poor Eileen out of her misery! Hasn't she suffered enough?"

Viewers will have to stay tuned to discover whether Eileen will leave the cobbles with Jan for a new life in Aberdeen, but something tells us she won't...

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