Corrie favourite cheats on Christmas Day?

One of Corrie's most beloved characters is going to be completely devastated by the betrayal

Coronation Street could be less jolliness and joy this year with a shock cheating scandal.

Vengeful Gina Seddon is going to go all out to seduce her brother in law Tim Metcalfe behind sister Sally’s back.

Tim and Gina in Corrie
Is Tim going to give in to Gina’s seduction? (Credit: ITV)

And it seems that Tim could give in.

Viewers have seen how he has repeatedly doubted Sally’s innocence while she languishes in prison.

A Corrie spokeswoman teased: “Affairs of the heart will set pulses racing in Weatherfield this Christmas as the residents of Coronation Street get into the festive spirit.

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“But as families gather and glasses are raised, will there be peace on the cobbles?”

Viewers have been outraged by Gina’s actions so far and this week even called for her to be booted out of Weatherfield for good.

The machinist had fans raging after she turned on her imprisoned sister in Friday night’s episodes.

Sally has been stuck in prison after being set up by Duncan (Credit: ITV)

Gina secretly met up with conman Duncan again to find dirt on Sally to ensure she remains in prison.

Desperate to be with Sally’s husband Tim, Gina eagerly ate up Duncan’s poisonous lies about Sally.

He told her: “She wanted comfort and so did I. I just wanted to feel loved again.

“But she didn’t mean it, she just wanted a patsy in case her scheme went wrong.”

Duncan added: “I had a massive whole in my life and Sally filled it. I would have done anything for her, and Sally knew that.”

It soon became clear that she had decided to betray Sally when she went home and grandly told Tim and Sophie that she planned to give evidence.

“I’ve been out walking and mulling things over,” she told them.

“I want to testify. It can’t be anymore stressful than sitting on my hands.

Corrie viewers call time on Gina over disgraceful betrayal of sister Sally!
Gina met up with Duncan so she could believe more of his lies (Credit: ITV)

“After what’s happened I don’t think I have a choice. Everyone needs to know what my sister is really like.”

Her threat to try to keep Sally locked up for a crime she didn’t commit left viewers raging.

One wrote: “Gina is a [expletive] end of, get her off #Corrie”

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A second tweeted: “How can Gina betray Sally like this… #Corrie”

A third said: “Gina is so flipping stupid urgh axe the wench ASAP #corrie”

Another added: “It appears Gina will do anything to keep Sally out the way so she can get her hands on Tim #corrie”

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