As Steve McDonald proposes AGAIN, who was his best wife?

He's Weatherfield's very own Henry VIII!

Steve McDonald is going to pop the question to girlfriend Tracy Barlow, meaning he’ll have walked down the aisle EIGHT times – that’s more than Henry VIII – with five different women.

We thought it was time for a refresher on all the many (many) Mrs McDonalds there have been…

Vicky Arden

Steve and Vicky were very young when they wed (Credit: ITV)

Steve tied the knot with Alec Gilroy’s posh granddaughter Vicky back in 1995.

The marriage fell apart when she testified against him in court.

Karen Phillips

Steve and Karen’s first wedding was the result of a bet (Credit: ITV)

Karen and Steve got married in 2001 after Karen’s friend Janice Battersby bet her she couldn’t get him to propose.

Also, can we talk about Eileen’s pixie cut? (Credit: ITV)

Like the start of their marriage, their union ended because of a scam.

Karen wanted to get divorced so they could get married again – this time with the wedding of their dreams…

Karen Phillips

Tracy interrupted Steve and Karen’s second wedding… (Credit: ITV)

Karen and Steve made it down the aisle for a second time, but not without a bit of drama when Karen found out Steve had slept with Tracy and was the father of her baby.

…and Karen told Tracy exactly what she thought about that (Credit: ITV)

Becky Grainger

Steve and Becky’s first wedding was stopped when it turned out Becky was absolutely hammered (Credit: ITV)

Becky and Steve actually walked down the aisle twice. Their first wedding was called off by the registrar when it became obvious that Becky was drunk!

They were an unlikely pairing but they really worked – until their quest for a child turned their relationship sour.

They tied the knot second time round (Credit: ITV)

After trying to adopt a child and then attempting to buy Becky’s nephew Max, it all went wrong (unsurprisingly!).

Tracy Barlow

Becky gave Tracy a taste of her own medicine when she ruined her and Steve’s wedding reception (Credit: ITV)

Tracy had been pregnant with Steve’s babies when she miscarried. But in typical Tracy fashion, she lied about her loss and made out she’d miscarried the babies when Becky pushed her downstairs.

At Steve and Tracy’s wedding reception, Becky revealed the truth and the marriage was over before it had begun.

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Michelle Connor

Michelle and Steve were made for each other. Until they weren’t. (Credit: ITV)

Michelle should have been the last Mrs McDonald – she and Steve were perfect together.

But Steve’s depression, the loss of their baby son Ruari, and Steve having baby Oliver with Leanne Battersby, all led to the end of their marriage.

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