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A short history of Coronation Street’s Chesney Brown

Cute lovable kid, to sensible dad of one

Chesney Brown arrived on Coronation Street in 2003, aged nine, when he came to live with his mother Cilla and her latest boyfriend, Les Battersby.

Immediately capturing the hearts of the nation with his red hair and cute, cheeky smile, Ches quickly became a firm favourite.

He’s never left, and is now approaching his 16th year on the cobbles.

Here’s the history of the little boy who grew up on the Street.

Chesney and the mother from hell: Cilla Battersby-Brown

Editorial use only. Exclusive - Premium Rates Apply. Call your Account Manager for pricing. Mandatory Credit: Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock (710618lb) 'Coronation Street' TV - 2004 - After Janice's ultimatum Les has no choice but to send Chesney on his way. A furious Cilla grabs him by the hand and drags him down the street with Schmeichel in tow. Cilla Brown [Wendi Peters], Chesney Brown [Sam Aston] and Schmeichel [Great Dane]. ITV ARCHIVE
No one would want Cilla as a mum (Credit: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)
Chesney didn’t have the best start in life given his mother was Cilla Battersby-Brown (Wendi Peters). Mouthy, trashy and would take candy from a baby, she in fact did from Ches on more than one occasion.

Young Chesney, brother of Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) was left home alone by Cilla when she moved in with Les Battersby. When Les found out, he brought Ches to live with them and became his surrogate daddy.

Ches got into scrapes on more than one occasion, most notably in 2004 when he fell into some shelving at the Kabin and Cilla spotted an opportunity for compensation, causing Rita Tanner to end up in court.

Cilla flitted in and out of Ches’s life, made him feel generally unloved and constantly tried to rope him into one scam or another. Even though Cilla is no longer living on the Street, things remain strained between mother and son.

Chesney and the true love of his life: Schmeichel

Editorial use only. Exclusive - Premium Rates Apply. Call your Account Manager for pricing. Mandatory Credit: Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock (802717mw) 'Coronation Street' TV - 2004 - Chesney Brown [Sam Aston] with his Great Dane Schmeichel. ITV ARCHIVE
What a partnership (Credit: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)
It’s often said man’s best friend is his dog and never a truer word has been spoken about Chesney and his pet pooch Schmiechel.

In 2004 Cilla left Chesney and he was distraught, attempting to run away himself. But Les took him in and Jack and Vera Duckworth gave the lad a Great Dane named Schmiechel to help him feel more settled on the cobbles.

The two were inseperable and perhaps Schmiechel’s most memorable moment was when he bounded into the bath tub with Les and Cilla and made them all fall through the ceiling.

Tragically, Schmiechel was diagnosed with liver cancer in November 2011 and Chesney said a heartbreaking goodbye to his best friend as the vet put him to sleep.

Chesney and his relationships with Katy Armstrong, Sinead Tinker and Gemma Winter

Is Gemma the one for him? (Credit: ITV)

It’s hard to imagine Chesney as a ladies’ man, but that’s what he’s matured into.

His first serious relationship was with Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote) and as 16 year olds they decided they wanted a baby. Katy fell pregnant and the pair were ecastatic.

It almost ended in tragedy when crazed John Stape kidnapped Ches and told Katy he’d left her. Fiz finally freed Chesney and he raced to stop Katy having an abortion. Joseph was born on December 23, 2011 during the nativity play – hence the name.

Katy struggled being a mum though, and started leaving the baby home alone. Despite Ches’s continued support, she ended up leaving him for Ryan Connor.

Things got messy when Ches moved on with Sinead Tinker, but then Katy begged for a reunion and he took her back. However that didn’t last long and he ended up back with Sinead and things seemed good.

But by 2017 she’d grown tired of life with Ches and left him for Daniel Osbourne. Things didn’t work out when he pushed his dad down the stairs and Sinead and Chesney reunited again.

But it wasn’t to be and he ended things on their wedding day, telling her he just wanted a surrogate mum for Joseph and didn’t really love her.

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Chesney later realised he quite liked his mate Gemma Winter, but didn’t think she felt the same, so he started dating hairdresser Emma Brooker to make Gem jealous. Gemma actually did feel the same and even though Emma fell for Ches, she stepped aside and let them be together.

At the moment, their relationship looks like it’s a case of the idea being better than the reality as Chesney struggles with Gemma’s messiness.

But if reports of Gemma having quadruplets are anything to go by, they might find themselves in each other’s lives whether they want to be together or not.

Chesney’s career

Chesney works in the kebab shop Credit: ITV/YouTube
Chesney works in the kebab shop at the moment (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Chesney quit school as soon as he was 16 and decided to embark on a career selling dog collars on the market.

Things didn’t go well when his entire stock was stolen and the insurance company refused to pay out.

Ches started working at Prima Dona Kebabs to make ends meet. He’s since been promoted to manager, but has had a few work scares.

After being stabbed with a broken bottle in the Bistro, Chesney started to have panic attacks, and a particularly bad one in the kebab house saw him flee leaving the place unmanned in the middle of his shift.

He nearly risked losing it all again in 2018 when he staged a robbery to steal the takings from Dev to pay for potentially life-saving cancer treatment for ex-girlfriend, Sinead.

A classic Chesney quote

Chesney Brown new year's eve 2004 Corrie Credit: ITV/YouTube
Chesney wasn’t quite as meek and mild back then (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

“Do you lot mind! Going on, upsetting folk, call yourself adults? You want your legs slapping!”

A young Chesney hides under the buffet table listening to Blanche, Betty, Emily, Rita and Vera gossiping about Sally Metcalfe and her daughter, his friend, Sophie Webster, and decides to give the women what for.

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