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Coronation Street: Zeedan Nazir is the one who scammed Alya, say fans

Zeedan is back

Coronation Street fans have a theory that Zeedan Nazir scammed his sister out of the money from the Speed Daal account.

In Friday’s episode (September 17) Alya was stressed out trying to juggle a call from the bank and a lost delivery driver.

She gave the bank the information they said they needed, worrying mainly about getting food to the restaurant.

However when she noticed the money was missing from the bank account, she thought her gran Yasmeen had messed up the online banking and invoices.

Alya had been scammed. But who was behind it? (Credit: ITV)

When she rang up the bank, she discovered that she hadn’t spoke to them before and she had been scammed.

Not sure what to do, she contacted her brother Zeedan. He soon turned up at Speed Daal.

Zeedan let slip to Yasmeen what happened. Soon Alya was forced to come clean she had been scammed and their business money was gone.

Zeedan came back after hearing Alya had been scammed (Credit: ITV)

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Wanting to help, Zeedan offered to transfer his sister £50k to tide them over, but Alya was unsure about taking the money.

However fans believe that Zeedan was the scammer.




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In tonight’s episodes Alya accepts Zeedan’s money, however when Zeedan launches as attack on Ryan for cheating on Alya, she is furious.

I reckon Zeedan’s the scammer.

She points out to Zeedan that he was no where to be seen during Geoff’s reign of terror and tells him to shove his money.

Yasmeen plans a family meal, but outside Speed Daal, two thugs grab Zeedan.

Zeedan is attacked. But is he hiding something? (Credit: ITV)

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Later Elaine and Cathy are horrified to discover Zeedan slumped in the ginnel, battered and bruised.

At the hospital, Zeedan is quizzed by Simon and Alya about his attackers. But he says he has no idea who they were.

Having witnessed their row earlier, Simon wonders if Ryan was responsible.

Zeedan gives a statement to Craig and suggests Ryan might have been his attacker.

Furious, Ryan tears a strip of Zeedan for trying to frame him when he’s been working all afternoon.

But it’s not long before Zeedan comes clean to Yasmeen and Alya. He explains he’s in trouble.

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