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Coronation Street: Will Sally and Tim split over his impotence?

Could this be the end?

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Coronation Street couple Sally and Tim have had a tough week and things seemed to get worse in tonight’s episode (Friday, May 20 2022).

This week, Tim took erectile dysfunction tablets for his romantic night with Sally.

However when he ended up in hospital, Sally was furious. But Tim blamed her for putting pressure on him.

Could this be the end for the couple?

Corrie Sally and Tim prepare to break his sex ban but are interrupted by Elaine
Tim has been struggling with impotence after his heart surgery (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street: Tim’s health struggles

Earlier this year, Tim had a triple heart bypass operation.

Sally and Tim were told they were unable to have sex until Tim was given the all-clear from his doctor.

When they were finally able to be intimate, Tim began struggling with impotence.

Sally was desperate for him to go to the doctors.

Recently he lied to Sally that he had been the doctor and had been told it was normal after a big operation.

On their night away, Tim used an erectile dysfunction tablet to help, but didn’t check with his doctor to see if it could effect his heart.

When Sally and Tim started to get intimate, Tim felt his heart was beating fast and Sally called for an ambulance.

Sally found out what Tim had taken and was furious. However Tim told her felt pressured to perform, calling her “sex mad.”

Later Sally confided in her friend Gail about Tim’s impotence.

Furious Tim punches Ronnie in Coronation Street
Tim punched Ronnie (Credit: ITV)

Sally and Tim split over his impotence?

In tonight’s episode Sally and Tim agreed they needed to be patient.

Sally asked Gail to keep Tim’s impotence a secret.

Gail suggested to Sally that she arrange a surprise for Tim.

Later in the pub, Sally found Ronnie saying she needed to speak to him.

When they left the pub, they walked by No.1 and Tim saw Ronnie apologise to Sally that her and Tim’s romantic night away didn’t go to plan and her secret was safe with him.

Assuming Sally told Ronnie about his impotence and that Ronnie was making a move on his wife, he stormed over to them and punched Ronnie.

Sally was appalled and explained she and Ronnie were arranging for Sally to take Ronnie’s tickets for the VIP match to give to Tim.

Back at home, Sally had a go at Tim for thinking she revealed details of his personal issue.

However when Gail let slip to Tim she knew about his issue, he was furious.

Back at home, Tim had a go at Sally for gossiping about him.

Sally apologised but Tim was infuriated. Could this be the end for the couple?

Coronation Street Sally supports Tim as he visits the doctor about his impotence
Sally goes with Tim to the doctors (Credit: ITV)

What’s next for Sally and Tim?

In next week’s scenes Faye can see something is wrong and quizzes Tim about his row with Sally.

Later Tim and Sally attend Tim’s appointment at the medical centre.

When he tells Dr Gaddas about his impotence, she suggests altering his medication.

Will it help Tim?

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