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Coronation Street: Will Fiz and Phill really get married?

Phill proposed to Fiz

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Coronation Street characters Fiz and Phill got engaged in tonight’s episode (Wednesday, May 25 2022).

After finding out Phill has secretly been gathering notes to write a book on her late serial killer husband John Stape, Fiz broke up with him.

However Phill decided to make things up to Fiz by proposing.

Will they actually get married?

Corrie Fiz is upset as Phill tries to talk to her
Fiz was devastated when she learnt Phill’s secret (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street: Fiz discovers Phill’s secret

Recently Fiz, Hope and Ruby moved into a new house with Fiz’s boyfriend.

However this week, Hope destroyed Phill’s car with a mini-digger after finding information on his laptop about her biological dad, John Stape.

Fiz was furious when she realised Hope found out about her father’s crimes.

When she confronted Phill, he admitted he had been gathering notes on John so he could write a book about what happened from Fiz’s perspective.

Fiz was devastated she had been lied to and broke things off with Phill before going back to Tyrone’s to help him talk to Hope about her dad.

In tonight’s episode, Tyrone offered to go round to Phill’s to collect Fiz’s stuff for her.

Coronation Street Phill and Tyrone fall into the wet cement after their fight
Tyrone and Phill fell into the cement (Credit: ITV)

It wasn’t long before and argument broke out and Phill and Tyrone fell into the wet cement on the patio.

When Phill revealed he lost an engagement ring that belonged to his grandmother, Tyrone helped him find it.

Tyrone told Phill he could see he wasn’t a bad person and would eventually find someone else.

Phill felt like he needed to apologise to Fiz one last time and Tyrone agreed to try and speak to her.

Later Tyrone returned to No.9 with Phill and Tyrone encouraged Fiz to hear him out.

Meanwhile Tyrone and Evelyn went to the Rovers.

Coronation Street Fiz is stunned when Phill gets down on one knee and proposes
Phill proposed and she said yes (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Will Fiz and Phill really get married?

At the pub, Tyrone told his nan that Phill was only going to say his goodbyes.

However back at Tyrone’s, Phill apologised to Fiz and told her it was killing him to say goodbye.

Fiz then called Phill back and it was clear she was willing to try and forgive him.

Phill then got down on one knee and proposed.

When Tyrone and Evelyn returned home, they were shocked when Fiz and Phill walked out and announced their engagement.

Tyrone congratulated them but it was clear he was heartbroken.

But will Fiz and Phill get married?

Tyrone Dobbs gives Fiz Stape a lift home and it's clear the spark is still there
It looks like Tyrone and Fiz won’t be getting back together anytime soon (Credit: ITV)

Bad news for Tyrone and Fiz fans

It looks like there isn’t much of a chance of Fiz and Tyrone getting back together.

When asked if Fiz would ever give Tyrone another chance, Jennie told Entertainment Daily and other media: “Would she go back to him? Yes, she would go back in a heartbeat to the Tyrone that was pre-Alina. That didn’t do that to her, that didn’t break her heart.

“That is I think the thing she just can’t get over. So yes she could go back if he hadn’t done it, but she can’t.

“She can’t get over what he did to her and their family, tore it apart.”

It looks like Fiz will happily settle down with Phill – unless he’s hiding even more secrets?

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