Coronation Street: Why did Carla have a kidney transplant? Aidan Connor donated one of his

Carla was given a kidney transplant a few years ago

Coronation Street character Carla has been through a lot in her life and a few years ago she needed a kidney transplant.

In tonight’s episodes of the ITV soap (Monday, February 22) Carla is meant to go to a business meeting in Harrogate.

However she ends up sending Sarah to the meeting and instead goes to the Rovers for a few drinks with stepmum Jenny and Daisy.

Jenny convinced Carla to come for a drink (Credit: ITV)

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Jenny tells Carla she needs to be careful with her drinking due to her kidneys. She then explains to Daisy that Carla had a kidney transplant a few years ago.

But why did Carla have the kidney transplant?

Coronation Street Carla: Why did she have a kidney transplant?

Carla has a long history of heavy drinking over the years. She first turned to alcohol in 2010 after her ex-husband Tony escaped from prison and burned down Underworld Factory, nearly killing her.

Carla began drinking heavily in 2010. But she got help (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Carla had help but relapsed a few years later. She ended up getting extremely drunk on her wedding night to Peter in 2013 – leading to him beginning an affair with Tina McIntyre.

But in 2017, Carla confided in Roy that she had been diagnosed with kidney failure.

When Maria and Michelle noticed that she wasn’t drinking alcohol, they joked suggesting she was pregnant. She lied to them telling them she was on a diet.

Carla needed a kidney transplant. But her family went for the test to see if they could be a donor (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Soon Carla was told that she needed an urgent course of dialysis and an urgent transplant and Carla opened up to her family about her kidney failure.

Her family members began to undergo tests to see if they were a match.

In early 2018, Carla’s half-brother Aidan passed all the necessary tests, he donated his kidney to Carla and the operation was a success.

Aidan’s suicide

In May 2018, Aidan took his own life. Aidan originally planned to take his own life earlier in the year, but delayed in order to give his kidney to his sister.

Aidan donated his kidney to Carla (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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He had to intercept a suicide letter he sent to his father Johnny to stop his discovering his plan.

Aidan took his own life in May 2018, leaving Johnny, Carla and his other sister Kate devastated.

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