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Coronation Street: Who is Tianna? Why did Grace lie about being her mum?

Grace is not Tianna's mother!

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Coronation Street pulled a huge twist in tonight’s episodes (Wednesday 30 September) when it was revealed Grace and Michael are not the parents of Tianna.

This week, Michael made the decision to propose to his girlfriend Grace so he and Tianna could be a family.

But Grace freaked out at the proposal and told Michael that she had met someone new and that she and Tianna planned to move to Spain to be with her new boyfriend.

Michael proposed to Grace (Credit: ITV)

In tonight’s episode, Michael took the little girl, not wanting to lose his daughter. But when Grace realised what happened, she called the police.

Later Michael and Tianna were found by Michael’s dad Ed, who convinced him to come home. However the police turned up and arrested Michael.

During police questioning, it became apparent something was off and a mental health test was performed on Michael.

Eventually an officer broke the news to Michael that he and Grace are not Tianna’s parents. So who is Tianna? And why did Grace lie about being her mother?

Coronation Street: Who is Tianna?

The police officer explained to Michael that Grace is Tianna’s nanny. Her parents are the family that Grace worked for.

Coronation Street: Was Grace pregnant with Michael’s child?

Actress Kate Spencer recently explained to Entertainment Daily and other media what happened with Grace and Michael in the past and confirmed Grace was pregnant with Michael’s child when they split up.

Earlier this year, Michael got back in contact with his ex-girlfriend Grace and saw she had a little girl with her.

Michael has spent nearly a year believe he is Tianna’s dad (Credit: ITV)

Before living on Coronation Street, Grace was pregnant with Michael’s child but when Michael learnt this he panicked and left her.

After some time he returned and wanted to be there for Grace and their unborn baby. However Grace didn’t want him to be involved.

But it turns out Grace ended up losing her and Michael’s baby.

Coronation Street: Grace’s miscarriage

Speaking about Grace’s lie Kate said: “She was really really hurt. She found out she was pregnant, she was going to have this whole life with him, them together with the baby, and he disappeared and I think it absolutely broke her.

“She didn’t know what to do. So she disappeared and that was it.

Grace had a miscarriage (Credit: ITV)

“Then with this lie, she bumped into him and he made an assumption, as we saw in November when she was first kind of seen, she panicked when she first saw him, she didn’t know what to do, she got in her car and drove off.

“It wasn’t planned at all, she didn’t really think she was going to see him again. She lost her baby that she was carrying and she had an absolutely breakdown.

Coronation Street: Why did Grace lie about being Tianna’s mother?

Kate continued: “She didn’t know if she was coming or going, everything that she kind of put her whole life into, into this baby that she was going to bring up by herself and she lost it, she miscarried and I think for her, she was just distraught.

Kate explained why Grace lied to Michael (Credit: ITV)

“She had a complete breakdown, she didn’t know what she was doing, she didn’t have Michael there, she didn’t have a significant other to go through it with her.

“And then she bumps into Michael, he assumes this thing, she panics when she first sees him.

Kate added: “And then I think she thinks back to the hurt and everything that she went through at that time. He didn’t have to go through that and that wasn’t his fault, because she didn’t tell him.

Will Michael ever forgive Grace? (Credit: ITV)

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“But I think her immediate gut reaction is that ‘I was hurt, he needs to feel hurt as well because it isn’t fair for just her to feel it.’ And that’s where I think it kind of came from. She needed someone to blame and she didn’t want to blame herself. There was no one else.”

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