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Monday 25th May 2020

Coronation Street: Who is Jade? Top 5 theories

No one knows Jade's real identity

Ever since Coronation Street introduced Hope Stape's tutor, Jade, to the cobbles, fans have been suspicious that something wasn't right.

Jade arrived a couple of weeks ago after meeting Hope and her mother, Fiz, at a special school in Birmingham.

Fiz had taken Hope there to deal with her behavioural problems after the little girl showed worrying tendencies.

Jade has been helping out Fiz and Tyrone with Hope (Credit: ITV)

When Fiz returned to the cobbles after Hope had spent a year at the school, Fiz soon realised her daughter wasn't as well behaved as she thought and called in Jade to help again.

But it's soon become clear to viewers that Jade has ulterior motives and hasn't told Fiz who she really is.

Here are the top five theories about Jade's real identity.

1. Is Jade John Stape's sister?

John is Hope's biological dad (Credit: ITV)

Fans of Corrie will know exactly who John is, but for those who don't, here's a short history.

In 2007 Fiz reunited with her first boyfriend John, who was now working as a teacher at Weatherfield High.

The pair soon resumed dating but not long into their relationship he began an affair with his pupil Rosie Webster.

Fiz eventually forgave John and the pair got married in 2009 and Fiz gave birth to daughter Hope in 2010, but there was a darker side to John.

John kidnapped Rosie and killed three people before his death.

He died in a car accident, where he was being chased by Rosie's dad Kevin.

Viewers think Jade could be John's SISTER.

2. Is Jade John Stape's daughter?

Another theory is she's John's eldest daughter.

Either way, the theory that Jade and John are somehow related seems to be popular.

3. Is Jade connected to Kirsty Soames?

Kirsty is Tyrone's abusive ex-girlfriend and the biological mother of Ruby (Credit: ITV)

Kirsty Soames is the biological mother of Tyrone's daughter Ruby, however Ruby sees Fiz as her mum.

Kirsty and Tyrone were in a relationship from 2011 until 2013 and in that time, she fell pregnant with little Ruby.

However, Kirsty proved to be abusive and would hit Tyrone.

When Ruby was born, Kirsty left Tyrone's name off the birth certificate and Tyrone proposed to Kirsty so he could get custody of his daughter.

Meanwhile he began a clandestine affair with Fiz, where she gave him a secret phone.

Kirsty began accusing Tyrone of abusing her (Credit: YouTube/Coronation Street)

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But when Julie found the phone and gave it to Kirsty, she read the messages.

At her wedding to Tyrone she revealed to everyone Fiz and Tyrone had been seeing each other and accused him of abusing her.

Although it all went to court, Kirsty lost her temper with baby Ruby and began screaming at her, which made her realise her daughter wouldn't be safe with her.

She went to court and confessed that she was the one who abused Tyrone and she went to prison.

She was released 12 months later and although they believed she was sending harassing text messages, it later turned out Maria Connor was behind them.

Kirsty hasn't been seen since, but could Jade be Kirsty's friend or family member out to get revenge on Fiz and Tyrone?

4. Is Jade related to John Stape's victims?

Charlotte was killed by John (Credit: ITV)

John is responsible for the deaths of three people: his former colleagues Colin Fishwick and Charlotte Hoyle, and Colin's mother Joy.

After Colin discovered John stole his identity, as John could no longer teach due to his affair with Rosie, he confronted John.

He blackmailed John in return for money but when he and Charlotte turned up with only a quarter of the amount, Colin left to go tell the police, but as he did he fell through floorboards and died.

Instead of going to the police about his death, Charlotte and John moved his body to the Underworld factory site and his body was buried in cement - but was dug up a year later.

John then killed Charlotte, hitting her over the head during the tram crash when she threatened to tell Fiz about Colin.

He put her body in the rubble of the tram crash where she was discovered - still alive.

Although she was taken to hospital, it was revealed if she woke up she would have severe brain damage and her parents and John, who they believed was Colin, had her life-support machine turned off.

Whilst visiting Colin's mum, Joy, who was worried she hadn't heard from her son, she tried to ring "Colin's number" given to her by John, but the number belonged to John.

John also killed Joy (Credit: ITV)

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He told her the truth about Colin, bringing on an angina attack and John covered her mouth to stop her crying out in panic - which led to her death.

The truth about all of these deaths eventually came out.

Could Jade be one of their relatives out for revenge on John's family?

5. Does Jade wants Fiz's life?

Will Jade try to take over Fiz's life? (Credit: ITV)

Does Jade just want Fiz's 'perfect' life?

She mentioned to Evelyn that she was in an abusive relationship and Fiz helped her through things.

Is it possible when she learned of the family life and cosy home Fiz had back in Weatherfield, she simply wanted that for herself and decided to take what Fiz has.

It would certainly explain why she's always trying to get rid of Fiz.

Viewers have also predicted she will have an affair with Fiz's boyfriend Tyrone.

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