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Coronation Street: What is Spider hiding?

Why is Spider really back?

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Coronation Street character Spider Nugent returned to Weatherfield tonight (Friday, July 1) after 19 years away.

He claims he came back for Toyah‘s protest, but is there something he’s hiding?

Coronation Street Spider gets into the bin lorry beside shocked Toyah
Toyah was shocked to see Spider back in Weatherfield (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street: Spider returns to Weatherfield

Recently Toyah was charged with the murder of her husband Imran and is currently out on bail.

In tonight’s scenes, Toyah decided to throw herself into a protest against waste incineration.

She began to contact protestors to get them to gather on the street with Nina, Asha, Mary, Brian and Leanne joining in.

They managed to block in the bin wagon.

As Toyah got into the cab of the bin wagon, she shut herself in there refusing to move.

However she was stunned when her ex-boyfriend Spider climbed into the cab.

She opened up to him about how she was on bail for murder and if she got arrested she would go to prison.

Spider managed to give her a solution to get her out of the situation.

Later Leanne thank Spider for helping Toyah and Toyah and Spider started catching up.

He revealed he saw Toyah’s request for help with the protest and decided to come.

She opened up about her life since they split, how she got married, was desperate to be a mother and Imran’s death.

Spider was clearly emotional to see what Toyah was going through, but is he being genuine?

Coronation Street Spider gets into the bin lorry beside shocked Toyah
What brings Spider back to the street? (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: What is Spider hiding?

When Spider revealed he was living in London and came all the way to Weatherfield, having no where to stay, she offered him to stay at hers.

Later at the flat, Kelly turned up and wasn’t impressed to see Toyah with her ex-boyfriend.

When they were on their own, Spider tried his best to support Toyah.

As Toyah headed off for a shower, Spider made a phone call.

It wasn’t clear who he was speaking to, but he told them: “Sorry I couldn’t make it today, something turned up. Yeah the plan is still on, let’s do this. Call me tomorrow.”

What is Spider talking about, and who was he speaking to?

Coronation Street Spider and Toyah
Toyah opened up to Spider (Credit: ITV)

Theories about Spider

Since Spider’s return was announced back in April, fans have been coming up with different theories about what brings him back to the cobbles.

One theory is that he could end up being Toyah’s lawyer, if her murder charge goes to trial.


Another theory is that Spider could be Elsie’s biological father and he’s trying to get his daughter back.



Spoilers: What’s next for Spider and Toyah?

In next week’s scenes, Spider reveals to Toyah that he and his fellow activists are planning to occupy the disused Nuttall’s Brewery building as a base for an upcoming protest.

Toyah is keen to get involved but Spider worries of her risking arrest while on bail.

Realising there’s still a way she can help, Toyah hatches a plan to get hold of the key from the desk at the Bistro.

In the Bistro, Debbie voices her suspicions about Toyah, wondering if she’s taken the brewery key from the office.

Toyah looking upset Coronation Street
Toyah tells Leanne she took the key (Credit: ITV)

Leanne is quick to jump to Toyah’s defence.

But when Toyah tells her she did take the key and gave it to Spider, Leanne is horrified and points out it could land her in big trouble.

Later Toyah meets up with Saira in Victoria Garden and explains that she’d like some of Imran’s ashes to keep at home.

But Saira tells her she’s already buried them and knows about her relationship with her ex, Spider.

Toyah is horrified as Saira accuses her of killing Imran.

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