Coronation Street: What happened to Miley, the daughter Faye gave away?

Faye gave birth in 2015

Coronation Street character Faye feared she was pregnant again in tonight’s episode (Friday, January 15). But what happened to  Miley, the daughter Faye gave up?

In tonight’s visit to Weatherfield, Faye feared she was pregnant with Ray’s baby and confided in Maria.

She reminded Maria that she’s been pregnant before and she couldn’t go through it again.

Coronation Street teen Faye worried she could be pregnant again after giving up her daughter (Credit: ITV)

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But what happened to Faye’s daughter Miley?

Coronation Street: When was Faye pregnant? Who is Faye’s daughter?

In late 2014/early, 2015, when Faye was 12 years old, she began being picked on by girls at school who were calling her fat.

After doing some research with Craig, he suggested she could be pregnant. She did a home pregnancy test which turned out to be positive.

Faye found out she was pregnant when she was 12 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Craig tried to convince Faye to tell her mum Anna about her pregnancy, but Faye decided she wanted to give birth in secret and drop the baby of at the hospital.

In April 2015, just two months after finding out she was pregnant, a now 13-year-old Faye, went into labour.

She planned to have the baby in the empty flat above Dev’s shop. But when the pain became too much, she told Craig to get Anna. Meanwhile Faye’s stepsister Sophie heard her screaming and went to see what was happening.

Faye went into labour in the flat above Dev’s shop (Credit: ITV)

Finding Faye in labour, she called an ambulance.

Anna, Owen, Tim and Sally arrived at the flat. Soon the paramedics turned up and she was taken to hospital, where she gave birth to a baby girl, who she called Miley.

Who is Miley’s father?

Faye was questioned by police due to her age. She eventually told her mum the father was her classmate, Jackson, and they slept together at a party.

Anna and Owen contacted Jackson’s parents Greig and Josie and told them Jackson was the father of Faye’s baby. But Jackson denied being the dad and his parents defended him.

After seeing Anna show up at the school with Miley, Jackson told his parents he’s the father. Josie and Jackson paid Anna and Faye and visit and they allowed them to meet Miley.

Jackson eventually admitted he is Miley’s father (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

At Miley’s christening, things got too much for Faye and she ran out. The Hodge’s soon offered for Miley to come and live with them.

Although Anna wasn’t keen on the idea, she realised they were in the position to offer Miley a better future and agreed to let her live with them.

Where is Miley now? Faye and daughter Miley reunited in Coronation Street 2017

Faye struggled to adjust to being a mum at 13 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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The Hodge family soon relocated to Canada. But in 2017, Faye ran into Jackson and Miley at Weatherfield General when her tattoo got infected.

As they were back in England for a few weeks, they allowed Miley to spend time with Faye, Anna and Tim.

However Faye’s boyfriend Seb became jealous and ended up attacking Jackson. The Hodge family soon went back to Canada and it’s believed Faye hasn’t seen her since.

Miley will be turning six in April.

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