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Sunday 9th August 2020

Coronation Street viewers want Tracy and Paula to get together after one-night stand

The new cobbles power couple!

Fans of Coronation Street were stunned to discover that Tracy Barlow cheated on Steve McDonald on New Year's Eve... with Paula Martin.

And, despite Steve consistently being a fan favourite, many actually want his missus to be with the stylish lawyer!

On New Year's Eve, the two women were left to see in the new year together, as Paula's kids abandoned her, and Steve chose to work rather than take Tracy to a concert.

Tracy woke up to Paula's grinning face (Credit: ITV)

Last night (Wednesday, January 1) we saw Tracy wake up with bed hair to end all bed hair and a sheepish look on her face.

It was revealed she'd shared a bed - and a lot more - with Paula.

"I'm not going to go broadcasting it, I can assure you - it was just a bit of fun," Paula assured her.

And then she dropped a bombshell: Tracy was not a novice to same-sex relationships.

"You weren't all prudish last night when you banging on about your prison days and how you'd bedded more women than Madonna," she said.

Their secret fling didn't stay that way for long as Tracy accidentally took Paula's jacket home.

These Tracy and Paula scenes have already made my year.

Amy quickly pieced things together, including her mum being missing for the night, and ordered her to tell Steve she'd cheated...

While her daughter was disgusted with her infidelity, viewers were shipping the new coupling!

And, when Steve gave Tracy a cat as a present, everyone of course made the same joke...

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