Coronation Street: Viewers turn on ‘vile’ Todd as he tries to split up Billy and Paul

Todd recently returned to Weatherfield after three years away

Coronation Street viewers have turned on “vile” Todd Grimshaw as he tried to split up Billy and Paul.

A couple of weeks ago, Todd and Billy reunited three years after Todd went on the run.

Todd immediately made it clear to his ex-boyfriend that he still had feelings for him and wanted him back. But this didn’t go down too well with Billy’s current boyfriend, Paul.

Since his return, Billy manage to land a job at the factory, where Paul also works.

Todd began plotting (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episodes of Corrie (Wednesday, November 18) Paul went to work at the factory. However he was tired, as he had spent the night working the helpline.

After Sarah had a go at Paul for sleeping at a table, Todd came along and tried to wind Paul up.

Later, Paul returned from doing his deliveries and Sarah snapped at him for mixing up the order. But Paul was confused as he had checked the delivery address before he left.

Sarah had a go at Paul for messing up the order (Credit: ITV)

Furious with how Sarah was speaking to him, Paul quit on the spot as Todd watched on.

Later, Todd tried to convince Sarah to give Paul his job back and told her the reason Paul was so tired was because he was doing nights at a helpline.

Sarah decided to offer Paul his job back and revealed to him that it was Todd who told her about about him doing the counselling helpline.

Later, Paul thanked Todd for helping him get his job back. But soon Todd invited himself and Sean over to Paul and Billy’s for a chippy tea.

Coronation Street: Todd tries to split up Billy and Paul?

As the three men began drinking, Paul told Todd and Sean how he and Billy were no longer moving to the new house that came with Billy’s Archdeacon job.

Throughout the night, Todd kept making comments about Paul and Billy not moving. He also started to make out that the church were trying to make Billy feel ashamed for being with Paul.

Todd made comments to Paul about Billy (Credit: ITV)

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However Sean seemed to picked up on what Todd was doing.

When Todd saw a message on Paul’s phone saying he was nearly home, Todd encouraged Paul to try on Billy’s religious robes.

Soon, Billy walked in on Paul doing an impression of him. But viewers could see what Todd was doing and called him “vile” and “manipulative.”

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Later Paul told Billy how he felt about him declining the offer for the house without consulting him and how he feared he was ashamed of him.

Has Todd’s plans to drive a wedge between Billy and Paul worked?

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