Coronation Street viewers question how ‘thick’ Michelle hasn’t figured out Robert’s secret

Robert is engaged to Michelle and Vicky!

Viewers of Coronation Street have questioned how ‘thick’ Michelle Connor hasn’t figured out fiancé Robert Preston’s secret.

In Wednesday night’s episodes (August 28 2019) Robert was struggling to keep up with his lies when Jed turned up at the Bistro.

Jed discovered Robert had two engagement rings and enjoyed putting him on edge.

Jed showed up at the Bistro (Credit: ITV)

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Vicky’s ex came into the Bistro and introduced himself to Michelle as someone who works with Robert in the young offender unit.

However, Jed was there to try and get some cash out of Robert and told him he would tell Michelle the truth about Vicky and the baby if Robert didn’t give him five grand.

Not having the money, Robert managed to make a deal with Jed saying he could give him £2000 for Michelle’s ring back and Jed accepted – as long as Robert convinced Tyler to go back to Ireland with Jed.

Jed gave the ring back (Credit: YouTube/Coronation Street)

Of course Michelle was left confused by the missing £2000 from the Bistro safe.

Robert ended up dropping himself in it telling Michelle he bought her another ring, but then telling Craig that he had acutally found the original ring.

Later, Michelle and Craig ended up discussing the ring and Michelle started to become suspicious as to why Robert told them completely different stories.

Viewers were left questioning how ‘thick’ Michelle hasn’t figured out Robert is leading a double life.

Viewers know that Robert is currently engaged to both Michelle and Vicky.

Shortly after Robert split up with Vicky, he proposed to Michelle. But moments before he proposed to Michelle, Vicky’s teenage son Tyler revealed that she was pregnant.

To keep up the lies, Robert told Michelle he had a new job working in the kitchens of a young offenders and told Vicky he didn’t want to announce her pregnancy because it may upset Michelle.

Michelle and Robert originally split up because he wanted children and she didn’t want anymore after the loss of her son Rauri.

Robert proposed to Vicky, who is pregnant with his baby (Credit: YouTube/Coronation Street)

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In order to stop Vicky from leaving to go live in Ireland with Jed, he proposed to her with Michelle’s ring.

He had another ring made and told Vicky that the one he proposed with was a fake stand-in whilst her real one (which was actually fake) was being made.

Jed discovered Robert had two rings and stole the real one, which was Michelle’s.

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