Coronation Street Yasmeen kills Geoff?

Coronation Street viewers praying Geoff ISN’T dead

They want him to face justice!

Coronation Street fans are praying evil abuser Geoff Metcalfe survives being stabbed in the neck – so he can face justice for his disgusting crimes.

Coronation Street fans want Geoff to survive after Yasmeen finally fought back last night (Credit: ITV)

Controlling Geoff pushed Yasmeen too far in last night’s episode (Friday, May 2) and ended up stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle.

He had starved her for days and left her humiliated in front of their friends and neighbours.

Throwing chips at her, he said: “Do you want a chip, little doggy? Have another, have another. Fetch!

“Those escorts could show you a thing or two. That’s right, escorts – plural. They’re all about the buzz and the banter. Don’t stand there feeling sorry for yourself you bony old bore. You drove me to it.”

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Grabbing a knife, he added: “Maybe I should kill you – do the world a favour. Would anyone really notice if you were gone?”

And after dragging her home and pushing her to breaking point, he advanced on her with a knife terrifying her.

In her haze and hearing nothing but abuse and threats, Yasmeen grasped for a wine bottle.

Fans want Geoff to survive so he can face justice (Credit: ITV)

She hit him over the head once and then when he didn’t go down, she lashed out with the broken bottle and stabbed him in the neck.

He fell to the floor bleeding and clutching the wound as Yasmeen looked on horrified.

But while Geoff looks to be in a bad way, fans are surprisingly desperate for him to recover – so he can face justice for the hell he has put Yasmeen through.

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One said: “I really don’t want Geoff to be dead… only so he can face the appropriate justice. The good thing is the whole thing might have been recorded on Geoff’s camera he has hidden #CoronationStreet #Corrie”

A second said: “#Corrie I’ll say this, if they kill Geoff off, then that will be a terrible mistake and it will ruin the storyline.

“Because that is not true justice and is the wrong conclusion towards an issue based storyline. You want to encourage victims to go to the police about their abuser.”

A third said: “Just caught it on catch up. As a survivor too, I’m hoping and praying that Geoff hasn’t been given the easy way out. A court case and a hefty sentence please. Not another Phelan type no justice ending.”

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