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Wednesday 5th August 2020

Coronation Street viewers mock Michelle for not realising Robert's cheating

When will the penny drop?!

Michelle Connor STILL hasn't twigged that her fiancé Robert Preston is cheating on her - and Coronation Street viewers have accused her of being "clueless".

On Wednesday (November 13), Robert dodged some tricky questions from Michelle... But, after months of leading a double life, lying comes easily to the chef.

When Robert was involved in a car accident, both his fiancées turned up at the hospital (Credit: ITV)

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Michelle has been edging closer to finding out the truth about fiancé Robert's double life ever since he was involved in a car accident.

Her suspicions were raised when Robert was admitted to a hospital in Macclesfield, when he was supposed to be in Sandbach.

Then, when Michelle visited him after the crash, he began rambling about a baby and had a mysterious necklace spelling out 'big daddy' by his bed.

As he is driving home from Vicky's, Robert was distracted by a call from Michelle and crashed his car (Credit: ITV)

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After confiding in Carla about her suspicions, Michelle confronted Robert in hospital...

Michelle is having a great deal of trouble adding two and two together.

But, ever ready with a bottomless pit of excuses and lies, Robert told her 'big daddy' was the nickname the young offenders he works with gave him.

For good measure, he told her he had been in Macclesfield taking one of them home.

Carla and Michelle are on a mission to get to the truth... (Credit: ITV)

With both Michelle and Vicky visiting him at the hospital, Robert promptly decided to discharge himself - leaving Michelle with even more questions...

As the mounds of evidence piled up, Bistro manager Michelle - played by actress Kym Marsh - finally seems to be piecing it all together.

But not fast enough for the viewers, who have mocked her for being so slow at working it all out!

One wrote: "Michelle is having a great deal of trouble adding two and two together."

Another wrote: "Why is it that Michelle used to catch Steve McDonald out on every little dodge he tried, but Robert tells more lies than Donald Trump and she hasn't a clue?"

A third added: "She really is gullible, love is blind LOL. Robert is getting on my nerves!!!"

"I gave up on this storyline months ago," admitted one more. "Never has a character been made to look so unbelievably stupid as Michelle has. No one with half a brain would have not figured out Robert's double life ages ago. It's silly and truly boring."

Many more begged the storyline to end, accusing the ITV soap of dragging it out for too long, and demanding two-timing Robert is found out.

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