Coronation Street viewers loved Shona shock twist

She stabbed her own son!

Coronation Street viewers were left stunned last night after Shona stabbed her son Clayton.

The teen escaped from prison last week and took his own mother hostage. He demanded a car and cash or he would kill her.

With the pair holed up while police waited outside, it looked like history was about to repeat itself when Shona rang David to say goodbye and told him she loved him and the children.

Shona stabbed Clayton in a shock twist (Credit: ITV)

As Clayton hung up the phone he told David “game over” and Shona could be heard screaming. However, she managed to escape and make it out of the building.

When she saw all the armed police she ran back inside to protect her son, afraid he would be shot. But she soon staggered back out the building covered in blood.

At first David assumed it belonged to his girlfriend, but the paramedic revealed it wasn’t her blood.

Shona cried as she shouted out: “I stabbed my son!”

Viewers loved the twist in the plot!

Shona was devastated over what happened and Clayton was rushed into emergency surgery.

The police didn’t arrest her although she could still face charges. She revealed even if Clayon didn’t pull through, she could claim it was self-defence.

Shona was devastated over what happened (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Shona also revealed to David that Dane died because he was smuggling drugs into the prison for Clayton to sell and that he wasn’t bothered by his father’s death.

Clayton killed David’s wife Kylie back in 2016 after he stabbed her when she came to defend her friend Gemma.

Clayton stabbed David’s wife Kylie (Credit: ITV)

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He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Coronation Street is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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